Art Online: A Contemporary Way of Buying Art

Art Online: A Contemporary Way of Buying Art
It’s 7.30 a.m. and you are already late. The morning cuppa is one activity where do not wish to hurry. So you drag yourself out of the bed and freshen up. You take a quick shower. Quickly select an outfit from your elaborate wardrobe. Sit at the breakfast table, paying almost no attention to it because you are busy browsing through your emails and planning the day ahead. Even after all this rushing up, you look at the watch only to realize you are late again. And this is the case more or less with all of us. ‘Working’ or ‘not working’, office-bound or home-bound, this profession or that; we are in a hurry!

So, in a fast-paced life, where everything is more; more opportunities, more technology, more options, more desires; one thing that we run short of is time! In an age when catching up on news to daily shopping, banking to dating (yes!), buying books to clothes; everything is online, why should art be far behind!

So here’s art, in its modern-day avatar, just a click away! People still clinging on to old school ways, here’s why you should take the online leap. Read on! 

From one gallery to the other gallery is a pain

Why should you take the trouble of looking up gallery addresses, taking a day off to go for art hunting, make elaborate plans since they are most likely to be distantly placed! Just sit in front of your system or browse through your smartphone. Buy art online at the convenience of time along with the comfort of your homes! You will be done in just a few clicks! 



   Always unsure of the artist

“Yes, it’s my friend who recommended the artist to me but her and my tastes do not match and what if I do not like his work? “ we read your mind. It’s not enough to find out about the artist through news and word of mouth or the art society, definitely now when you can check out the artist profiles from the website and various social media platforms. You have way more options than you could imagine, to explore and read about the artists and their artworks.

Have to get touchy, eh!

Well in the archaic era, one had to touch art to make sure if it’s genuine. That is something even the artists won't like. An artist's artwork is a part of his soul. So, he obviously wouldn't prefer everyone to touch it. This can be avoided now as today is the digital era. You easily get the authenticity guarantee from the website and the artist! 

indian couple


The next art auction is on the full moon day

Art auctions were and still are complex and can get tiresome for some people. For those who are big-time art collectors or are in any kind of art business, art auctions are utilitarian. But for others, online art shopping is indeed a boon. Also with innumerable options being there in the market our interest in any one thing doesn't last for long. What you also get is price analysis and comparison. You can check out for competitive pricing online.

Trials lead to error

While shopping offline what you choose is the artwork and what you can't judge is how will that art look on your wall or the corners of your houses. Once you have bought the art, there is no way to undo it. So even if it does not match your desired location of placing it, the chances of getting replaced are very less but again while buying the new artwork, the same problem will arise. This can be quite frustrating at times. Now, there is even an option of uploading a picture of your wall or room and seeing if your choice of artwork matches the wall. Some art galleries who work online as well, even have the option of choosing the wall color and get an idea of that artwork on your walls virtually. Hence, now you can be sure before you buy it.




A final word for art lovers

The internet has paved the way for an easier life. Your taste in art has refined over the years, so should your ways of buying! So, unless you want yourself in the history books, no reason you should continue with offline buying. Wait! History is going to be online too!

So if you love art and want to add another piece to your pride collection, simply visit and choose from a wide array of paintings that you can buy online with ease!


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