The Art of Photography- Lights, Camera, Click!

The Art of Photography- Lights, Camera, Click!
With the transformation and development in technology, photographs, and the need to showcase every event through pictures has overtaken the photography and the people involved with it. Everyone clicks today, but not all photograph, and there is a huge difference in both.

To photograph, as personally believed, is to capture a frame which encompasses and brings the message that a picture to the best of  its extent can convey. The biggest blessing that photography brings is the medium that it becomes to express self and the myriad of emotions that one would like others to acknowledge.

But it takes a great deal of efforts and rigour to capture in a frame what one wants to express and showcase what the artist wants to bring about. A frame to say all the unspoken words, that is what photograph is, and that is what it should do. But a frame consists of so much more, the picture has to be authentic with all its virtues to be a harbinger of emotions.

Lot of things work together in a photograph to be a perfect frame. Some of the parameters are the ones below:

1. Light:

Better light or the required amount of light, always works in the favour of a photograph. Better exposure according to the subject of the photograph, is very crucial in giving a picture that is just right.

2. Composition:

A better composition even when a picture is candid or in the moment is very important. It sets the frame right and makes it worth it. The right position of objects in the frame, keeps it intact and helps in bringing out the best of the situation and the context.

3. Color:

Colors always play an important role in which ever artform they are a part of. Colors add the vigour, taste and the flavour to a photograph. They ordain and hold entire composition together. Dfferent colors ahve different effect on our brains, neurologically. Combinations of colors give an endless possibility to make a photograph a realm and an experiment, one that is waiting to be explored. Even with black and white, photographs can be very powerful way of bring emotions to reality.

All these parameters are also the factors lesding to a great and meaningful photograph. They together form a 'picture perfect' which can be worth a thousand words.


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