The best gift for your loved ones: Art & Craft

The best gift for your loved ones: Art & Craft
We live in a world of art, where sound is music, text is poetry and where objects are masterpieces of the ‘creator’! At Artzolo we understand art.

The Art, that expresses your mood, your life style, your passion and which allows you to express yourself. Artzolo is an online market place for buying 100 percent authentic and genuine art, crafts, custom prints, etc. which are suitable to occasions and purposes with utility. Affordable original artworks and art prints, craft products like kitsch goods and marble works (modern and traditional), custom canvas prints, personalized gifting products.

As we understand the safety needed to be undertaken while handling preciousness; we offer the best shipment with worldwide shipping of your purchased items from us so that your item reaches you well intact. The artists here are verified through a social community of art enthusiasts. Artzolo provides a certificate of authenticity along with a certificate of authenticity from the artist. If you’re looking for unique and authentic creations such as gifts online, home décor, paintings online, art prints/ reproductions etc.  then let your search meet its end here with us at Artzolo.

  • Paintings

A personnel’s choice of paintings are a showcase of his/her persona, while some paintings may add to your aura, or to your astrological needs/ vastu. Ask our professionals and specialists to guide your type of painting that rhymes with your tunes of life and lifestyle! Check out our range of affordable original paintings with authenticity certificates.


  • Personalized gifts

It’s always said a picture /object conveys a thousand words! There may be many occasions to remind your loved ones how much you care for them but, then there’s only one possible best way to do so that is to gift them with something extraordinary, thoughtful and meaningful . A genuine personalized gift is always the best way to make one feel truly special. We offer exclusive, mesmerizing pieces of art/paintings, little masterpieces and jewelry, creative align of products that are created by brilliant artists. So while you can sit back and let the art express your emotions and give an opportunity to your loved ones to be overwhelmed with it. 


  • Home Décor

If home is the place where one’s heart resides and where the soul finds peace then surely your home needs to be a reflection of your personality with all that which appeals to you and your sense of serenity! With our wide collection of authentic artwork & paintings, show-pieces that symbolize your inner space decorate your home today.  For special carvings, sculptures, pictures, special exhibits and masterpieces having the contemporary modern appeal or with the gentle traditional touch allow us to facilitate you with them. 


  • Art prints/ reproductions

Our expertise lies in reproducing the original artwork using high quality inkjet printers, that enhance the appeal and the beauty of the original artwork. Check out our giclee art prints here

  • Craft products

We supply for a wide range of online craft products such as pottery, handicrafts, Papier Mache and several furniture oriented and wooden carvings and crafts, decorative crafts which may include glass paintings, paintings, wall hangings, metallic items of copper and showpieces as well as basketry etc. besides craft work such as kitsch goods and marble works.


  • Custom canvas prints

Put up what suits you, your place and matches your aura, not everything nor anything! Experience the joy of transformation of your imagination into a beautiful work of art. Customized canvas prints/frames for personal, offices, residence, studios etc. are now available at exclusive prices at Artzolo with breathe taking variety. Get yours done now!


Reach out: At Artzolo we are available to help you out with your shopping with us. If you are looking for something specific and want any kind of help, feel free to reach out to us at or call us at +91 - 9956445560.

Delivery: We offer the best shipment with worldwide shipping of your purchased items from us and exchange of any damage/dissatisfied product is possible.

At Artzolo we allow you artists and art lovers to engage in our community interactions of art, and review our collection with your valuable feedbacks and comments. Let us know what you feel about us and share your experience with us as we are more than eager looking forward to your suggestions!


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