It isn’t so much about being a writer or a painter but being creative that makes anyone different from everyone else. We strive to be different, aspire to be like no one else, and in all of this, forget that the one true person we ought to be is “ourselves”. Be the best YOU.

While there is much to ponder over and write about, there is one thing that intrigues everyone- a BLOCK. The first thing that comes to a normal person’s mind when they hear or read BLOCK, is the image of a rustic wooden opaque object (for some other people, the object rotates). It’s a common thing, not something to lose sleep over or spare a thought about. But then, there has always been that difference between the ordinary and the extraordinary. To every writer, painter, artist, a BLOCK defines all things coming to a standstill… their worlds frozen in time.

Remember those horrors of a dry day? Or maybe a bad-hair-day? Or maybe that day when all you do ends up in a mess??? EXACTLY!! That’s how things are for these crazy creative people!! Nothing’s right... Everything is a dark, gloomy void that sucks the life out of them.

A writer’s block is when the unkempt, unwashed individual has been at his typewriter for days, living up to his stereotype, yet there seems to be no peace. Not one dramatic line pops out of his head and makes life worthwhile. It’s not a clinical condition where the body suffers but it is just as bad because your mind suffers a terrible blow of a creative dry-day.

For artists, it just gets worse. Thinking of what to paint, and all that while a blank canvas stares back at you like some haunting old nightmare that you never grew out of. The reds don’t match with the blues and the greens look envious while the black is just…well… evil. At times like this, there are several things that an artist can do that would steer them clear of the artist’s block.


It’s okay to experiment and let all the anger loose on one …maybe two... or more canvases. There is no need to please the canvas. It shall feel beautiful no matter what you paint on it. A lifetime of being colorless, welcomes the 

boon of color however it may be sprayed. Let your imagination free and let it color your world. Maybe, what is just a way of letting your mind lose is going to become your next masterpiece.


Try appreciating the various new trends that have come up in the recent times, color block, neon, and new patterns. If you are old fashioned, then try accepting what the young kids are doing now and if you are in your diapers now, then go back to your roots. Every art form has the theory of it as well. Read more…learn more. An artist becomes truly an artist when he sheds the last threads of his ego and appreciates everything that is beautiful.


Step out of that one room that smells of paint and sweat. Venture out in the open and get inspired by the bright summer mornings, or the winter evenings or the rains. Go for a walk, have a drink, observe people in the metros. Every thought behind each canvas is inspired by what is imprinted in your mind of life, people and emotions. Let your heart rule your head. Smell the freshness of nature, the stench of people in crowded alleys that speak of their tiresome days, read the lines on the faces of the old and young.  No more solitude… no more blocks.


I have believed for the longest time that poets are artists of the word. They have blank pages as canvas and they write in black ink yet color our worlds in hues of vibrant emotions. I can imagine a field of gold when I read “the Daffodils” by William Wordsworth. Read poetry… get inspired by the hidden colors in the words. What is better than painting a poem on canvas??


It’s never too late to experiment with new techniques. Create your own. Use veggies as color making components. Use mud as lacquer. It’s all possible. There is no end to an artist’s license. The world doesn’t believe in signature styles anymore. In fact, your signature style can be a revolution in being not one but many styles at once. Be the bird that migrates. There is so much to put on that blank canvas… and so little time… just one life time... Keep changing… keep growing.

And if the artists block is over, do share your awesome work with us. 

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