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Discover a curated collection of expressionist paintings for sale. Explore vibrant colors, powerful brushstrokes, and deep emotions. Invest in a piece that speaks to you.
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Expressionist charcoal painting titled 'Life', 28x20 inches, by artist Preeti Ghule on paper
 28x20 in / 71x50 cm
Expressionist charcoal painting titled 'Lady', 26x26 inches, by artist Preeti Ghule on Paper
 26x26 in / 66x66 cm
Expressionist acrylic painting titled 'Heads', 46x46 inches, by artist Vishnu Sonavane on Canvas
 46x46 in / 116x116 cm
Expressionist oil painting titled 'Countryside', 48x60 inches, by artist Durshit Bhaskar on Canvas
 48x60 in / 121x152 cm
Expressionist oil painting titled 'Masks', 48x36 inches, by artist Durshit Bhaskar on Canvas
 48x36 in / 121x91 cm
Expressionist acrylic painting titled 'Synergy', 60x28 inches, by artist Manju Lamba on Canvas
 60x28 in / 152x71 cm
Expressionist oil painting titled 'DIVINE MUSIC', 24x18 inches, by artist RAGUNATH on Canvas
 24x18 in / 60x45 cm
Expressionist oil painting titled 'Bharatanatyam is a classical dance from', 18x24 inches, by artist RAGUNATH on Canvas
 18x24 in / 45x60 cm 11x15 in / 27x38 cm 14x19 in / 35x48 cm 14x18 in / 35x45 cm 19x24 in / 48x60 cm 24x30 in / 60x76 cm
Expressionist acrylic painting titled 'metaphysical exploration of real time space', 48x36 inches, by artist Romaine Kaufman on Canvas
 48x36 in / 121x91 cm 16x11 in / 40x27 cm 20x14 in / 50x35 cm 26x18 in / 66x45 cm 18x13 in / 45x33 cm 34x24 in / 86x60 cm 24x18 in / 60x45 cm 43x30 in / 109x76 cm 30x22 in / 76x55 cm 36x26 in / 91x66 cm
Expressionist acrylic painting titled 'A Girl With Beautiful Eyes', 14x14 inches, by artist Suruchi Jamkar on Canvas
 14x14 in / 35x35 cm 11x12 in / 27x30 cm 14x15 in / 35x38 cm 18x18 in / 45x45 cm 18x19 in / 45x48 cm