Pichwai- Interesting Facts

Pichwai- Interesting Facts ArtZolo.com
Culture is the arts elevated to a set of beliefs.- Thomas Wolfe
Shrinathji 24 Shringar

Pichhwai art form is not only found in temples but also in homes and across the world. Some interesting facts about these paintings are:

- The figure of Srinathji is one of the form of Lord Krishna and is manifested as a seven year old child. In most Pichwai paintings, the image of Srinathji with raised left hand, is depicted to portray the event where he protected the villagers by holding the Govardhan hill for them to take shelter. To prevent them from the thunderstorm brought on the village by Indra, the God of rain.

- Pichwai is a miniature form of Art with minute intricacies and made with a lot of precision. One can see the seamless efforts of the weavers and laborers when you carefully look.

- Elaborate jewellery on the figure of Srinathji is one of the main features of the Pichwai artwork. The Holy city of Vrindavan is famous for the deity of Shrinathji having a diamond studded on his chin, and similar is the style of the painting with a beautiful, extravagant diamond studded not only on the button but also on ring fingers.


- Smallest defects or mistakes can be easily detected in Pichwai paintings, so the artists and the creators of the Artwork have a definite posture, of how to sit to and make.

- The Paintings are made with natural colors extracted from flowers, leaves and semi-precious stones. The showdown is made with pure gold and other precious metals that are rich in value.

    - The main intent to make these paintings is to portary the celebration of life that people of Vrindavan had on the joyous occassion of the birth of Lord Krishna. A wave of happiness spread across the village when he was born and the art depicts especially those moments.

    - There are basically no rigid rules as to how these paintings should be hung. Because these paintings do no carry any religious motive or belief. The main aim of the art is only ornamental and can be put up on the walls without much ado.

    Lord Srinathji Pichwai Art

    - Pichwai was a forgotten art until it was noticed by the devotees of Vallabhacharya sect for whom it has great importance. These came into prominence when the Sect Vallabhacharya created 24 iconic poses of Lord Krishna against the backdrop of Nathdwara (about one hour drive from Udaipur). Every Pichwai painting relates to a specific celebration of a festival.

      Note that Shri Vallabhacharya is the founder of ‘Pushtimarg’, belongs to the Vaishnav tradition and involves worship of Shri Krishna. ShriNath Ji is the principal deity in Pushtimarg.

      Every art form of India has emerged from its history, while some celebrate the Gods, others are driven from the lives and stories of the folks from the village. The tales they learn and grow up with, everything is covered in their Arts and Crafts. 


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