Festivals in Pichwai Art

Festivals in Pichwai Art ArtZolo.com
Pichwai art, the divine art form of Nathdwara is practiced worldwide. There is an age-old history attached to it. The intricacy, the figurines and the vibrancy in colors are the factors that make Pichwai what it is. Pichwai paintings depict various festivities and the life events of Shrinathji whose shrine in Nathdwara witnesses the visitors and devotees from every corner of the world. Here are some of the important festivals featured in Pichwai paintings.

Janmashtmi: Janmashtmi celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. In this festival, newborn Krishna's idol is bathed with milk, honey, and curd and is bowed down to. In a Pichwai painting, Janmashtami is depicted with Srinathji's idol in the center of the painting, dressed in saffron and peacocks on the crown. In some of the Pichwai paintings, this festival is also depicted with crowds gathering and offering to Lord Krishna in a cradle with toys.

Sharad Purnima: The first full moon night after the birth of Krishna, called Purnima, also marks the onset of autumn known as Sharad. People can be seen dancing to celebrate this occasion in a Pichwai painting, and Shrinathji is embellished with brocade and jewelry and is the central figure of the painting.

sharad purnima

Raas Leela: Maha Raas is the festival that celebrates Raas Leela. It is the dance that Krishna and Gopis do to celebrate the occasion of Purnima. The celebration signifies the amalgamation of Krishna and its devotees in Vrindavan.


Annakut: Annakut is one of the most significant festival for the worshippers of Krishna. It depicts the saviour image of Krishna. Where he saved the villagers from the thunderstorm brought on by Indra, the rain God. It is celebrated on the 4th day of Diwali. In the Pichwai painting that depicts Annakut, Shrinathji is the central figure with his left hand raised, dressed in elaborated clothes, peacock feather crown and with raised edges.

Gopashtami: Gopashtami celebrates the day Krishna becomes a 'Gauwala', taking care and rearing cattles and cows. He was also titled 'Govinda' on the day. In the Pichwai pinting depicting Gopashtami, a celebration with a lot of cows surrounding Shrinathji are depicted. The figure of Shrinathji in the painting is embellished with grand red, yellow and green attire and is equipped with a lot of gold and silver jewellery.


Holi: Holi, a festival of colors and the beginning of the Spring season, is celebrated with a lot of fervour across the country. In a Pichwai, that depicts the celebration of Holi, Srinathji's idol can be seen dressed in white with colorful spots on him. In some of the Pichwai depicting Holi, gulal or the color is placed in front of Srinathji's idol.

Pichwai as an art depicts the culture and the traditions, especially of the Nathdwara region of Rajasthan. It is an important part of the devotees and worshippers of Krishna. It is now being valued again and many people have started realizing the importance of it. Pichwai is not only painted but also intricately embroidered, again by the weavers of Nathdwara. Pichwai is mostly the celebration of the life of people and that is what makes this Art very special.


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