Featured Artist - Bhaskar Rao

Featured Artist - Bhaskar Rao ArtZolo.com

Hailing from the region of diverse landscape of Deccan and the amazing cuisine of Andhra, Bhaskara Rao's works are inspired by the landscape of his place. Having grown with the immense fondness for nature; his work depicts his attachment and the memories of the place and its environment.

Tell us about your journey as an Artist - your childhood, inspirations and aspirations? *

I was born and raised in Salur Town in Vizianagaram Distrct, Andhra Pradesh, India. As far as my interest in art is concerned, I think of it this way: I just never stopped having an interest in art, unlike most people when they grow up. Though one of the earliest influences in sparking my interest was through drawing and painting in school. But, my journey started at the age of 10 when I started learning art. I have to say that my BFA from Andra university and MFA from Hyderabad Central University put my Art and heart in right track.


What keeps you going as an Artist (motivation)? *

Believing in my work, my art and maintaining a constant workflow is highly important. Working in my studio 4 to 6 hours every day and approaching the situation with patience. I love to experiment with materials and research the famous art that are particularly intriguing. Doing frequent exhibitions, attending seminars, workshops and art camps also keep me going and motivated.


Challenges that you have faced and still face- Professionally and Personally? *

Every artist faces a unique set of challenges. I think the greatest challenge is to believe in the work and art that you do. When I am creating the art, I often find it difficult to market and sell the paintings in the beginning. The art market is extremely competitive. In my early days, it was a challenge to find and pursue galleries. There were very few galleries in my city, and there was not much art appreciation in the Market.


Who are the people in your field that inspire you or are your icons? *

I am greatly inspired by John Constable and Van Gogh. Also, My Parents, My Guru M.Venkat Rao I am grateful to my teachers V.Ramesh, Kalal Laxma Goud, G. Ravinder Reddy and my family members. Yes, the great Indian art inspires me.


The thought/idea behind the work *

My connection with the nature and fondness for trees (TREE OF LIFE). It goes back to my childhood days. My parents belong to agricultural background and so my visits to the fields were an important part of my growing up days. My earlier series assimilated widespread, vast landscapes, with land, water bodies and skies. But gradually and eventually, the tree form has became the core element of my works. On a broader scale these work reflect an innate bond between trees and people of our country; in the form of worship and as an emblem of auspiciousness. And, yet these work also imbibe my intimate and immensely cherished companionship with nature which started when I was very young and has become stronger with time.









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