Art : A Visual Medium of Communication

Art : A Visual Medium of Communication

Expression in the field of art is always communication.

-Martin Foss (Philosopher and Professor) states flatly

Throughout ages and time immemorial, art has survived even if the dynsaties have vanished and villages have become cities. Rulers have established themselves and are remembered because of what their dynasty left behind through their paintings, murals and also their architecture. Trying to tell for the ages and generations to come, of what they held important and their rule. Art was an important source to convey the same. Even today the choice of art as communication continues.

Dream Ride

Living with an innate need to communicate and express, humans have always been creative in letting out their emotions. And art gives an immense possibility to those who opt it as a medium. It gives the freedom to reign one's imagination and articulate or profess what one feels. Art just doen't communicate emotions but also the time and the era that went by or might come, the sense of a place, the customs and practices of the place and so much more that maybe words might fall short of.


Every organism survives because they can communicate and express themselves to their own or other species. Art channelises ones expression through colors, materials, text, etc. And the liberty to choose from these channels helps the artist to convey better. Expressing through art has also been considered to be therapeutic and many psychiatrists and psychologists have considered 'Art Therapy' as one of the ways to heal and help people who suffer from mental illnesses like depression, schizophrenia,etc. The gestures of hand, the co-ordination of movement used in making the art, and the colors together become curative in nature during the process of creation. The intriguing use of the textures, colors and materials and their interesting manipulation to bring out one's inner thoughts and emotions help the person to overcome the inhibitions that they might hold in expressing through other mediums.

Timeless journey of india

The locus of what is expressed resides in the expressive object itself, not behind it in the artist's intentions or beyond it in the spectator's reactions.

Edward C. Casey


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