Paper Drawings

Paper Drawings is an artist who masterfully utilizes the medium of paper to create stunning works of art. Their drawings exhibit exquisite precision and depth, showcasing a delicate balance of line, texture, and shading. Each piece invites viewers into a world of intricate beauty and contemplation.
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Hurdle Off Happiness by Dishakha Yadav |
 10x28 in / 25x71 cm
Inner Peace by Dishakha Yadav |
 17x12 in / 43x30 cm
Mind Over Matter by Dishakha Yadav |
 16x23 in / 40x58 cm
Rich By Heart by Dishakha Yadav |
 13x19 in / 33x48 cm
Untitled 1 by Dishakha Yadav |
 7x21 in / 17x53 cm
Platform 51 by Bijay Biswaal |
 14x20 in / 35x50 cm
Untitled 15 by Ankita Dutta |
 14x11 in / 35x27 cm
Untitled 14 by Ankita Dutta |
 14x11 in / 35x27 cm
Untitled 13 by Ankita Dutta |
 14x11 in / 35x27 cm
Untitled 12 by Ankita Dutta |
 14x11 in / 35x27 cm
Untitled 11 by Ankita Dutta |
 17x12 in / 43x30 cm
Sequence by Puja Sarkar |
 24x24 in / 60x60 cm
Portrait 5 by Dhananjoy Singh |
 10x7 in / 25x17 cm
Fatebreaker by Dhananjoy Singh |
 39x20 in / 99x50 cm
Distilled Emotions by Dhananjoy Singh |
 46x8 in / 116x20 cm
Waiting For Dark by Tapan Madkikar |
 11x10 in / 27x25 cm
Top From Bottom by Tapan Madkikar |
 16x12 in / 40x30 cm
Sunset by Tapan Madkikar |
 18x24 in / 45x60 cm
Shadows 3 Viscosity by Tapan Madkikar |
 9x7 in / 22x17 cm
Shadows 2 Viscosity by Tapan Madkikar |
 10x6 in / 25x15 cm
Shadows 1 Viscosity by Tapan Madkikar |
 7x3 in / 17x7 cm
Monalisa Smile by Tapan Madkikar |
 12x18 in / 30x45 cm
Just Before Sunrise by Tapan Madkikar |
 6x8 in / 15x20 cm
Landscape by Tapan Madkikar |
 24x36 in / 60x91 cm
Just After The Sunset by Tapan Madkikar |
 6x8 in / 15x20 cm
Introduction Shambhu by Tapan Madkikar |
 10x13 in / 25x33 cm
I Need A Knife by Tapan Madkikar |
 14x12 in / 35x30 cm
I Need A Footwear Stand by Tapan Madkikar |
 12x12 in / 30x30 cm
I Am Shambhu by Tapan Madkikar |
 13x10 in / 33x25 cm
Green Window by Tapan Madkikar |
 24x19 in / 60x48 cm
Flower Pot by Tapan Madkikar |
 18x24 in / 45x60 cm
During Jungle Safari by Tapan Madkikar |
 22x17 in / 55x43 cm
Boundless by Tapan Madkikar |
 10x13 in / 25x33 cm
Baali And Shambhu by Tapan Madkikar |
 18x26 in / 45x66 cm
Untitled 1 by Mili Mishra |
 20x20 in / 50x50 cm
My Cats Fantasy Life 2 by Mili Mishra |
 48x48 in / 121x121 cm
My Cats Fantasy Life 1 by Mili Mishra |
 72x72 in / 182x182 cm
My Cat Fantasy Life 3 by Mili Mishra |
 30x40 in / 76x101 cm
My Cats Fantasy 4 by Mili Mishra |
 30x44 in / 76x111 cm
Untitled 1472 by Arvind Patel |
 10x10 in / 25x25 cm
Untitled 1488 by Arvind Patel |
 10x10 in / 25x25 cm
Untitled 1500 by Arvind Patel |
 10x10 in / 25x25 cm
Untitled 1518 by Arvind Patel |
 10x10 in / 25x25 cm
White Lotus by Puja Kumar |
 30x22 in / 76x55 cm
White Lotus 2 by Puja Kumar |
 30x22 in / 76x55 cm
Ethereal 2 by Puja Kumar |
 30x22 in / 76x55 cm