Meena Pathak

Education: Bachelor of Fine Arts,PAINTING,2016 Government Institute of Fine Arts , Indore ( Raja Man Singh Tomar University, Gwalior) Workshops & Exhibitions: Video installation at kochi beinnale, 2021 Video Installation at Kochi Biennale , 2018 State competition Bhopal , 2018 Annual exhibition by Government Institute of Fine Art Indore 2016-2018 Online Exhibition by Bindas International Art Group , 2018 Group show by Canarys art gallery Indore 2018 Performing Art in Government Institute of Fine Arts, Indore , 2017 National Competition in Gwalior , 2017 Work selected for Magazine Cover Page by Dainik Bhaskar , 2017
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Verandah Drawing by Meena Pathak |
 27x23 in / 68x58 cm
Outside Of Door Painting by Meena Pathak |
 35x37 in / 88x93 cm
Untitled 3 Painting by Meena Pathak |
 8x8 in / 20x20 cm
Untitled 2 Painting by Meena Pathak |
 10x10 in / 25x25 cm
Untitled 1 Painting by Meena Pathak |
 12x12 in / 30x30 cm
Almost Yellow Painting by Meena Pathak |
 12x12 in / 30x30 cm