Paintings are expressions of creativity and emotion captured on canvas or other surfaces using various mediums such as oil, acrylic, or watercolor. Each stroke of the brush tells a story, evokes an emotion, or captures a moment in time. From vibrant landscapes to intricate portraits, paintings offer a window into the imagination and soul of the artist.
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Tiranga 3 by Ajit Raut
 24x30 in / 60x76 cm
Tiranga 2 by Ajit Raut
 26x33 in / 66x83 cm
Nashik by Ajit Raut
 30x24 in / 76x60 cm
Naro Shankar Temple by Ajit Raut
 13x16 in / 33x40 cm
Har Ghar Tiranga by Ajit Raut
 29x21 in / 73x53 cm
Dahanu by Ajit Raut
 11x12 in / 27x30 cm
Dream Girl by Bhaskar Lahiri
 30x40 in / 76x101 cm
Couple by Bhaskar Lahiri
 30x26 in / 76x66 cm
Untitled 3 by Shadab Kazi
 12x24 in / 30x60 cm
Untitled 2 by Shadab Kazi
 30x36 in / 76x91 cm
Untitled 1 by Shadab Kazi
 30x36 in / 76x91 cm
Summer by Shadab Kazi
 24x30 in / 60x76 cm
Alone In Peaceful Clutter by Shadab Kazi
 24x18 in / 60x45 cm
Akhlaq by Shadab Kazi
 24x18 in / 60x45 cm
The Street Of Nashik by Ashwin Khapare
 15x11 in / 38x27 cm
Tamboli Pan Bhandar by Ashwin Khapare
 14x21 in / 35x53 cm
Nashik by Ashwin Khapare
 11x15 in / 27x38 cm
Nature 1 by Pravin Utge
 30x50 in / 76x127 cm
Moochwale Groom 2 by Runa Biswas
 48x36 in / 121x91 cm
Moochwale Boatman by Runa Biswas
 36x54 in / 91x137 cm
Basera by Runa Biswas
 24x36 in / 60x91 cm
Aranyani The Protector by Runa Biswas
 18x24 in / 45x60 cm
Untitled 1 by Sadaf Beg Khan
 40x50 in / 101x127 cm
Untitled 11 by Unnati Shukla
 11x8 in / 27x20 cm
Untitled 10 by Unnati Shukla
 17x13 in / 43x33 cm
Untitled 9 by Unnati Shukla
 17x8 in / 43x20 cm
Untitled 8 by Unnati Shukla
 12x32 in / 30x81 cm
Gajaanand by Namdev M Patil
 36x44 in / 91x111 cm
Ekadanta by Namdev M Patil
 36x44 in / 91x111 cm
Bheema by Namdev M Patil
 36x44 in / 91x111 cm
Avighna by Namdev M Patil
 36x44 in / 91x111 cm
Pink Roses by Puja Kumar
 15x22 in / 38x55 cm
Essence by Puja Kumar
 15x22 in / 38x55 cm
Contented by Puja Kumar
 15x22 in / 38x55 cm
Bling by Puja Kumar
 15x22 in / 38x55 cm
Apple by Puja Kumar
 15x22 in / 38x55 cm
Untitled 22 by Satyajeet Varekar
 42x48 in / 106x121 cm
Untitled 21 by Satyajeet Varekar
 36x57 in / 91x144 cm
Untitled 1 by Dishakha Yadav
 7x21 in / 17x53 cm
Rich By Heart by Dishakha Yadav
 13x19 in / 33x48 cm
Mind Over Matter by Dishakha Yadav
 16x23 in / 40x58 cm
Inner Peace by Dishakha Yadav
 17x12 in / 43x30 cm
Hurdle Off Happiness by Dishakha Yadav
 10x28 in / 25x71 cm
Fragile by Dishakha Yadav
 28x20 in / 71x50 cm
Companions by Dishakha Yadav
 115x115 in / 292x292 cm
Untitled 26 by Satyajeet Varekar
 26x42 in / 66x106 cm
Untitled 26 by Satyajeet Varekar
 41x47 in / 104x119 cm
Untitled 26 by Satyajeet Varekar
 12x12 in / 30x30 cm