Paintings are expressions of creativity and emotion captured on canvas or other surfaces using various mediums such as oil, acrylic, or watercolor. Each stroke of the brush tells a story, evokes an emotion, or captures a moment in time. From vibrant landscapes to intricate portraits, paintings offer a window into the imagination and soul of the artist.
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Purbaraag by Sekhar Roy
 36x60 in / 91x152 cm
Krishna Leela by Sekhar Roy
 48x66 in / 121x167 cm
Bengali Tune 251 by Sekhar Roy
 36x72 in / 91x182 cm
Untitled 11 by Hari Dhongade
 24x30 in / 60x76 cm
The New Spring Season by Ashik Alikhan
 16x27 in / 40x68 cm
Taiwanese Magpie by Ashik Alikhan
 20x14 in / 50x35 cm
Lotus Pond 36 by Sulakshana Dharmadhikari
 36x60 in / 91x152 cm
Lily Pond 27 by Sulakshana Dharmadhikari
 40x48 in / 101x121 cm
Lily Pond 30 by Sulakshana Dharmadhikari
 30x42 in / 76x106 cm
Varanasi by Amlan Dutta
 16x24 in / 40x60 cm
This Tram Is by Amlan Dutta
 20x24 in / 50x60 cm
Bus by Amlan Dutta
 20x24 in / 50x60 cm
Village Lady by Yuvraj Patil
 48x24 in / 121x60 cm
Monk 2 by Yuvraj Patil
 30x48 in / 76x121 cm
Horse by Yuvraj Patil
 36x48 in / 91x121 cm
Bull by Yuvraj Patil
 36x48 in / 91x121 cm
Mumbai 12 by Madan Mane
 15x22 in / 38x55 cm
Mumbai 9 by Madan Mane
 14x21 in / 35x53 cm
Kailas Temple by Madan Mane
 12x12 in / 30x30 cm
Horses by Madan Mane
 10x14 in / 25x35 cm
Gate by Madan Mane
 21x14 in / 53x35 cm
Untitled 199 by Sandesh Khule
 36x36 in / 91x91 cm
Social Harmony by Avinash Karn
 22x30 in / 55x76 cm
Kalpvriksha by Avinash Karn
 24x24 in / 60x60 cm
Romantic by Ramesh Pachpande
 36x48 in / 91x121 cm
Riverside by Ramesh Pachpande
 36x48 in / 91x121 cm
Radha Krishna by Ramesh Pachpande
 36x48 in / 91x121 cm
Love At Khajuraho by Ramesh Pachpande
 36x36 in / 91x91 cm
Evening Bhajan by Ramesh Pachpande
 36x48 in / 91x121 cm
White Tara by Aditi Agarwal
 18x15 in / 45x38 cm
Standing White Tara by Aditi Agarwal
 33x24 in / 83x60 cm
Golden Medicine Buddha by Aditi Agarwal
 11x8 in / 27x20 cm
Raag Yaman by Sumon Naskar
 24x24 in / 60x60 cm
Durga by Sumon Naskar
 36x36 in / 91x91 cm
Charulata by Sumon Naskar
 24x24 in / 60x60 cm
Brahmani by Sumon Naskar
 40x30 in / 101x76 cm
Nandi On Banaras Ghat by Reba Mandal
 30x48 in / 76x121 cm
Nandi On Banaras Ghat 2 by Reba Mandal
 30x48 in / 76x121 cm
Nandi On Banaras Ghat 1 by Reba Mandal
 30x48 in / 76x121 cm
Banaras Ghat by Reba Mandal
 48x30 in / 121x76 cm
Banaras Ghat by Reba Mandal
 36x36 in / 91x91 cm
Meditation 187 by Nilesh Nikam
 30x30 in / 76x76 cm
Meditation 186 by Nilesh Nikam
 30x30 in / 76x76 cm
Meditation 182 by Nilesh Nikam
 30x30 in / 76x76 cm
Radha Krishna by Bhaskar Lahiri
 33x48 in / 83x121 cm
Konkan by Ashwin Khapare
 12x16 in / 30x40 cm
Jj by Ashwin Khapare
 8x12 in / 20x30 cm
Beauty Of Konkan by Ashwin Khapare
 12x6 in / 30x15 cm