Write-Up by Bigyan Patnaik

Write-Up by Bigyan Patnaik ArtZolo.com

-By Bigyan Patnaik

Ramachandra Kharatmal (1977) a Pune based realist painter has come a long way in his journey in the sensitive creative pursuit. Basically belonging to Solapur, Ramachandra has now dedicated himself to Art in a full fledged way and is a freelancing artist.

Ramachandra basically is a realist of immense ability to represent forms and shapes in all their glories when viewed against a fixed source of light. His colours are rich and abundant. He expresses his ironies with the contrasts and juxtaposition of colours and images. He has unbelievable control over the contours of the human form.  He has this ability to express subtle messages through the image of a mere pair of old hands. Brevity of his imagery is his forte but the same is camouflaged by the richness of his colours.

Widely exhibited all over India, abroad and winner of National Award, State Award and many Honour’s. His painting is held in collections of companies, museums, institutions & academies and personal collections in India and Abroad. Ramachandra has taken it upon himself to be a messenger of the realities of life through his paintings. His use of the quilt theme is of notable mention. The image of quilt for Ramachandra is an image of warmth but the very construction of this quilt is what forms the backbone of Ramachandra's imagery. The Indian poor lower middle class quilt is merely an amalgamation of old discarded clothing stitched together mostly by hands. While the image of stitch suggests the bonding the old discarded clothing suggest incapacitated and old persons or customs. But these old clothing joined together in Ramachandra's quilts are not devoid of colour. Ramachandra fills them with unique colours and patterns which are suggestive of the time and enhance the imagery of his painting. Such is the impact of his paintings that the viewer is left with a lasting impression long after he has left watching Ramachandra's work.

Of late, Ramachandra has developed this quilt series of paintings and taken them to another level altogether. He has now used this quilt theme to express human love between man and woman.




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