Vastu Shastra : The Elements, The Architecture, and The Paintings

Vastu Shastra : The Elements, The Architecture, and The Paintings
Our home is a reflection of who we are. Then why not make it a space that harmonizes and keeps us positive! Today increasing number of people are engaging Vastu and its values to make their abodes happy. And if you wish to make your home a pragmatic place to live in, then Vastu Art can help you embellish and bring positivity to it. An ancient science, but highly valid and proclaimed today, Vastu, has become an important factor in designing spaces. Based on the elements of nature, the concept of Vastu formulated in paintings help the home look and feel earthy.

A highly popular art in this domain is the seven running horses, which is said to bring fulfilment and prosperity to the place, be it office or home. There are other paintings which according to Vastu can be the harbinger of positivity for a place.

seven horse

The Elements of Vastu:


The Earth element as believed in Vastu, maintains the peace of the house. It keeps the place and the people motivated and grounded. So having paintings around the house of Mountains, Hills or Green Landscapes can contribute to keep the vibe of the place to be progressive.



The element of Wind gives life to all the other constituents of earth and makes sustenance possible. The paintings of Wind Horses and Wind Forest in the house can make the people in the happier and bring out the good in them.



The main element behind the life of every organism on the planet. It holds the capacity to maintain good flow in any place and make it humbler and emit the sense of calmness. Put up the paintings of Rivers and Waterfalls to have the effect of this almighty element in your humble abode.



This potent element of nature holds the power to transform energies.It can change the course of materials and make the place vibrant. The colors of fire i.e. red, orange, and blue also bring life to a space and good energy. Paintings of Candles or subtle fire can be a good choice to make the place dynamic.

Odisha Rasoi


Holding the entire system together, something larger than our beliefs, also known as 'ananth', Space helps create synergy for everybody existing in that space. Paintings of Sky, Moon or Sun can be the elements to focus on in this domain.

Red Sky At Night


The colors of nature and the mere vibrancy of green or yellow, make the space lively and keep it unimpeached. These colors are considered very comforting. Paintings of Bamboo, and Dense forests should serve the purpose.

Bamboo Trees

The paintings and art that are Vastu accordant, make the space spirited and more livable. Vastu arts and paintings aid in bringing together 'homeliness' and fabricate a zone or space that can be viable to stay, work or just be.





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