Understanding and Appreciating Mixed Media Art

Understanding and Appreciating Mixed Media Art ArtZolo.com

As a kid, our first experimentation with art and its forms is 'Mixed-Media'. Confused? Remember making collages from different materials and colours? That is mixed media.

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An art created using more than one medium to make it, is mixed media. Any form of art be it Paintings, Sculptures, or Crafts, etc. each of the artwork can have more than one medium in its process of making, and in the final product. Usually, Mixed Media is a Visual Art.

In paintings, mixed media could be using more than one type of pains like oil and acrylic, or water and pencil, or even paint and other matrial for different kind of experience and effect.

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Sculptures, being a 3-D Art, have the potential to accommodate many materials together and create something from them. Sculptures can be moulded and shaped and given forms, and different media can help present the many layers of it better. The intensity or the approach of the materials also highly depends on the and the message that the is to be delivered through the art. The different materials could include cloth, paper, wood, fibreglass, brass and many more. They can be used as a single material or more than one to manifest the artwork.

Mixed media does require extra care though, enough space and time should be given to them so that they could dry and set properly. For, if the different materials or media, merge or combine in a way they are not suppose to then it might ruin the art and the purpose of it.

A lot of effects and different vices can be done to the artworks, through mixed media. Expression through various media is also easier, and one can be extremely creative too, and especially when it comes to manifesting it through materials, specifically the three dimensional creations like sculptures.

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Mixed media gives the flexibility for the newer materials in conjunction with older materials to be explored, and a wider range of products, arts and crafts can be created.


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