Therapeutic Effect of Art

Therapeutic Effect of Art
“Try to embrace the picture I paint, and color me free.”

A singer, Troye Sivan in one of his songs has a lyric which goes like this

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“ The brushstrokes while making my art, calm me and set me free”

quoted a doodle/wall painting artist while talking about his projects

Art is a way of articulation, every art, be it Paintings, Sculpting, Pottery or the performance arts like Theatre, Dance or Music. Psychologically speaking, people with mental illnesses, find liberation through art. Art therapy is a mandate way of curing or rather reducing the levels of anxiety, or depression. People who are involved with art, be it any art, are said to be more mentally healthy. Potters, in fact, are considered most focused and balanced people on earth (quite literally).

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Every person is creative, but as we grow along, we somehow grow far from that left-sided brain of ours. But, we never completely loose it, and always have the innate urge to be balanced. And to bring out the best in us, we often need creativity. To emotionally vent out and express, through art. Art like theatre and other performances, can help physically manifest someone their personal experiences and even traumas.  Many artists revisit their past experiences, places and emotions through art. Painters sometimes paint the places of their childhood, their childhood games, the stories that they lived or heard.

Treasure Of The Childhood Xvii

Materials in Art and their effect:

The creation of a sculpture or a vase uses materials like wood or clay, which have known to rejuvenate visual and touch senses and this has been found to have a positive effect on the people, for both who make it (sculptors and potters) and to the people who use it and interact with it.

Elephant Family

Wood Carved- Elephant Fam

Inetractions with art and artworks, also play a major role in its interpretation, and the perception of it also helps in realising what are ones thoughts and emotions at the moment and how deep or profane one's feelings are.

Heal Yourself:

One must use some medium, any medium of art to heal self. The colors, the brushstrokes while creating a painitng; the hand movements, the flow of the body while performing dance or theatre, all of it, helps you release- your emotions, your desires, your love, your hate, and most importantly-you; and sometimes it brings out what you didn't even think existed within you.



Art is the best distraction, and a very positive one at that. It helps you deviate from the everyday stress, and leaves you in peace. It requires focus and concerntration and this helps managing self.

So, take yourself out there and perform, paint, and liberate yourself.


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