Paintings of Assam: An Ode to the Blue Hills and Red River

Paintings of Assam: An Ode to the Blue Hills and Red River
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Discover the mesmerizing world of Assamese paintings, showcasing Assam's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. From mythical sagas to vibrant landscapes, immerse yourself in the vibrant hues and captivating tales depicted on canvas. Experience the artistry that brings Assam to life.

Immersed in Assam's artistic heritage, these northeastern gems capture art lovers around the world. These masterful creations resonate with art lovers worldwide, skillfully capturing the essence of vibrant Assamese culture and rich heritage. Drawing inspiration from mythological sagas like Chitra Bhagavata and Hasti Vidyaranya, Assamese paintings have flourished as revered folk art since the 7th century. They carry within them the stories and traditions that have shaped the region's identity. As time has passed, this remarkable art form evolved, revealing a diverse range of styles and influences that weave together the intricate tapestry of Assam's artistic journey.

From the verdant Blue Hills that stand majestically on the horizon to the meandering Red River that breathes life into the land, these paintings pay homage to the awe-inspiring beauty of Assam's natural landscapes. Each brushstroke captures the vibrant hues, the rhythmic flow, and the timeless allure that defines this enchanting region. Nature has gifted Assam with its breathtaking beauty and these paintings are a tribute to that. They will bring joy and delight to all who appreciate the beauty of nature and art.

Figurative serigraphs painting titled 'Untitled', 14x20 inches, by artist Jamini Roy on Paper
An Artistic Tapestry of Assam...
Embark on a journey through Assam's mesmerizing artistic legacy, where Assamese scripts intertwine with vibrant folk traditions. In medieval Assam, diverse painting classes thrived. The revered Patuas, known for their unique Pats paintings and intricate artistry of Assamese silk, captivated the senses. Meanwhile, the Khanikars showcased their exceptional versatility, channeling their creativity into crafting masterpieces for Satras (monasteries) and Naam-Ghars, renowned for their extraordinary artistic creations. Even today, their artistry resonates in select villages of Upper Assam, keeping the heritage alive. Noteworthy among them is the celebrated artist Jamini Roy, honored with the Padma Bhushan award. He was recognized for his remarkable efforts in promoting and preserving Pats traditional artwork and paintings.

The Enchanted Realm of Assamese Masterpieces

Unlock the beauty and splendor of Assam's artistic heritage, where an exquisite array of Assamese paintings eagerly awaits your exploration. The Assam State Museum, Kamarupa Anusandhan Samiti, and the Historical and Antiquarian Department proudly preserve a remarkable collection of these masterpieces. These esteemed institutions passionately safeguard and cherish the state's rich cultural heritage, ensuring its preservation for future generations. Furthermore, the Assam Fine Arts and Crafts Society in Guwahati and the Jorhat Fine Art Society actively contribute to the noble cause of conservation. They dedicate their efforts to safeguarding and promoting Assam's vibrant artistic legacy.

School of Assamese Painting

Within Assamese painting, two prominent schools emerge: the Assam School and the Tai-Ahom School. These distinct schools showcase Assam's unique artistic expressions and techniques. Additionally, these artworks bear the influence of Mughal, Rajput, and Pahari styles, reflecting local Assamese idiosyncrasies. Notably, Kishore Kumar Das, a celebrated artist, has been honored with a National Award by the Lalit Kala Akademi. This is for his remarkable contributions to Assamese art.

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The Assam School of Painting

The Assam School of Painting is a treasure trove of artistic expression, encompassing both Royal Styles and Sattriya. The Sattriya style, meticulously crafted by the legendary Sri Sankaradeva, continues to captivate art enthusiasts through its exquisite illustrations found in ancient manuscripts like the Citra Bhagavat (1539 AD). This style brings to life the beauty of nature, animals, and the local surroundings, immersing viewers in its charm and allure.

The Royal styles within the Assam School further enhance the artistic landscape with the Darrang and Garhagaon styles. In their unique art forms, these styles showcase royal patronage. The Darrang style highlights the grandeur and opulence of the royal court. The Garhagaon style captivates with its intricate detailing and delicate brushwork.

Together, these styles within the Assam School of Painting represent a rich artistic heritage, preserving the region's cultural essence. Through their captivating portrayals of nature, animals, and local surroundings, these paintings leave a lasting impression. They celebrate the beauty and charm of Assam's artistic legacy.

The Tai-Ahom School of Painting

The Tai-Ahom School of Painting unveils a captivating realm of artistic brilliance, highlighted by artists like Sukanta Kyempong and Phung Chin. Their masterpieces, such as the illustrious manuscripts, provide a glimpse into the mesmerizing world of Tai-Ahom culture. One such remarkable creation is the depiction of the 16 heavens and 16 hells, a subject that evokes both fascination and introspection.

Through intricate brushwork and meticulous detailing, the Tai-Ahom paintings transport viewers into a realm where mythology and spirituality intertwine. Each stroke on the canvas reflects the depth of imagination and cultural richness of the Tai-Ahom community. The vibrant colors, symbolic motifs, and exquisite craftsmanship of these artworks truly capture the senses.

The Tai-Ahom School of Painting is a testament to the artistic ingenuity and cultural heritage of the Tai-Ahom people. Its creations not only showcase their artistic prowess but also invite contemplation and introspection, leaving an indelible mark on the viewer's mind. These remarkable artworks serve as a gateway to explore the fascinating tales, traditions, and beliefs that have shaped the Tai-Ahom community over centuries.

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