Jamini Roy: A Pioneering Indian Folk Art Master

Jamini Roy (11 April 1887 – 24 April 1972) , Indian master painter, born in small village in Beliatore, Bankura district, West Bengal. Jamini Roy joined the Government School of Art, Kolkata in 1903. He was taught to paint in the prevailing academic tradition drawing Classical nudes and painting in oils and in 1908 he received his Diploma in Fine Art. However, he soon realised that he needed to draw inspiration, not from Western traditions, but from his own culture, and so he looked to the living folk and tribal art for inspiration. He was most influenced by the Kalighat...
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Untitled Painting by Jamini Roy | ArtZolo.com
 14x20 in / 35x50 cm
Bride And Companion Painting by Jamini Roy | ArtZolo.com
 29x59 in / 73x149 cm
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