Influence of Art in Society

Influence of Art in Society
 “A picture is worth a thousand words.”
 “A pen is mightier than a sword”

These are the proverbs we have grown up listening to, and they all talk about art, any form of art. They intent to tell us how, art is a higher source of influence in society than any other medium.

Art has been trying its subtle ways to bring people together even when there are different opinions. A form of expression and implication, art can lead you into realising the follies and goodness of the society around. The people, the environment and everything else, influence each other and nothing exists in isolation.


Art, gets evolved according to the context around, and also plays a huge role in the progressive uplifting of the society.

Many Art Movements during different eras, have changed the perception of people. The way art gets perceived has changed alot over the years, and so has been the acceptance of a certain kind of art. In very many ways, art can affect and enhance the self and be a mediator bringing the larger changes, be it positive or negative. So it becomes necessary at times to see that what goes out as art, is not an indignation.

Some of the ways in which Art influences Society:

1. Visual knowledge of the surrounding through paintings, and other forms of visual art like street art (and other forms), try to enhance the inner self and question, sometimes the differences in one and the other. It asks to respect the difference, and acknowledge it with grace.

Art brings out the different layers of the society and put it forward, sometimes as it is or sometimes with modification, to make the audiences of a particular art well aware.

Exploitation Of The Unprivileged

2. Sculptures and the three dimensional artworks, give a sense of the presence of something that one might notice, but the expression of it might be difficult. Sculptures, usually depict ones choices, inner feelings and much more. The various materials used in sculptures mean differently, varying with its uses. The kind of materials that are in the artwork also help understand the deeper thought behind it.

Sculptures leave a lasting impact and affect the society in understanding the reaped out challenges that we might think others don't face or face less. They tell us that beneath the surface, perhaps we are all the same.


3. Traditional Artworks like Madhubani,and many others tell us and teach us about the various communities that exist and practice the artwork. Their artwork is their identity. It represents their culture, ethnicity and ethics, which is extremely important, especially in today's times, when we are losing the touch with our traditions, so we must be aware of what went by or what must be preserved, and tell the tales that must be told.

Fish 3

4. Artforms are also majorly responsible for creating awareness on social issues, and engaging the audiences to bring them together for a social cause. Graphic and Digital Art, when used for making posters or advertisement, try to put forward a thought, making it available for people for open interpretation.


Art, while being open ended also influences in a certain way and provides for a large range of thoughts and a quintessential medium to bring change, slowly but with the roots.


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