Happy Birthday Nekchand! The Master Sculptor

Happy Birthday Nekchand! The Master Sculptor ArtZolo.com
The sculpture graden of the beautiful city of Chandigarh has been the talk of the town ever since its inception, and how can one forget the creator of the landmark, the artist Nek Chand.

Hailing from Shakargarh region, now in Pakistan, he moved with his family to Chandigarh, Punjab during partition.

Durign the design of the city of Chandigarh, with the idea of the utopian city, came the idea of creating a space  for the people of the place and that is how The Rock Garden came into being.

Famous for its sculptures, the monument has its own story to tell. All the sculptures have been made with the refurbishment and reuse of the demolition waste. All the artworks and the serene nature was the secret implementation by Nek Chand and he would bring out his creativity and imagination during the spare time, after working as a road contractor in the Public Works Department.

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He would collect materials from various construction sites, and create and make what later became a milestone and a remembrance. Rock Garden, also gave the city of Chandigarh a place to break out and bring the community together. A serene place in the midst of gorge, the garden has many man-made waterfalls connected to each other.

No, one of the visited places in India, Rock Garden and Nek Chand have had their share of struggles. The garden was considered illegal by the Authorities, and was about to be demolished, but Nek Chand managed with a lot of struggle public to be in his support and protect the garden.

It is spread out over 12-acres with sculptures of various kinds. There are scultptures of dancers, musicians, and animals, and the space is defined by many interlinked courtyards. One can also notice many sculptures of Nek Chand himself in the garden.

Later, Nek Chand was able to setup many waste collection centers with the help of Government.

Now, Rock Garden is the host of Teej Festival for the women of the city, in a large number.


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