Affordable Art & Accessible Art

Affordable Art & Accessible Art
Accessibility and affordability is often confused when it comes to art. Although, without a doubt there is a thin line that separates the two.

Is art accessible to all? Is a question that keeps popping among all the art critics unanimously, and even the audience. While art is majorly a luxury, it has its importance on so many levels. Its reach while questioned, cannot be denied. Accessibility can be determined through the kind of people that can see it- on roads, in galleries, in various exhibitions and other places whether there is ownership of it (i.e. whether put up by/in a gallery or not). There is always a demand for the art that is priced at a reasonable rate.

affordable art

Street Art - Delhi - The art form accessible to all

Affordability is a very subjective matter and means differently to different set of buyers. The “affordable” label helps attaract new buyers. But, an art that is accessible and affordable has the prominent market compared to other kinds of artworks.

While someone might prefer an artwork that is priced at under 10,000 and comes in the affordable radar, while to some buyers the radar could be in lakhs.


The prices also vary majorly according to the artists and how established they are. An older work of a Master Artist like those of Hussain or Raza, will cost very highly, while mostly the older work of the new artists will be much lower.

Colleges, and the works of the artists in those places, can be a contributor to good quality affordable artworks, for they are mostly authentic and most of them contain a lot of hard work and heart put in by the students or graduates, since many sell them or put it up for the first time.

Many times buyers also prefer prints of the paintings by the Famous artists. Prints usually are way more economical, and can be customized as well.

Serigraphs and lithographs are also practices which give a liberty to get a desired artwork for a range that is affordable.


Many art collectors buy a variety of artworks ranging from lesser to higher arts and invest in them.

When it comes to designing one's spaces with decors, sculptures are also much sought after, especially the smaller ones that are lower maintenance and affordable at the same time. For the households, they make up for a perfect piece of art.

Photographs, these days are in great demand and also a great way to embellish one's abode. Photographs, their cost, also vary with establishment of the Photographer.

An evening at Daal Lake

With varying kind of art, their accessibility and affordability varies. But, every form art is both, but heavily depending on various factors and thus, deciding what audience it receives.


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