5 ArtWorks that Symbolize Indian Roots

India Mandala

India since centuries has been home to people of different castes, culture, religion, and languages. All of them if not divide, at least mark a differentiation that defines each citizen of this country bringing in the diversity. But what binds us all together across the length and breadth of the country is its opulent cultural patrimony. India is the land of colors and tressures art as a very cherished legacy. For any art enthusiast, MF Hussain’s work is as holy to him as that of Satish Gujral. Similarly, The Taj Mahal is as revered as The Ajanta and Ellora Caves for their architecture and historical significance. All these artworks and monuments are the testimony to the range of art and art forms which secular India is home to. Let us take a look at some of the artworks and paintings that define or are symbolic to India’s independence.

wet platform gandhi

This is one of the artworks from the famous wet platform series by Bijay Biswal, one of the most celebrated artists of our country. We can see Mahatma Gandhi and other figures like the Charkha symbolizing his presence in the modern world. It probably showcases the presence of the two important Gandhian ideologies: satyagraha and non-violence in Modern India.

Indian Express

Another beautiful artwork from the wet platform series by Bijay Biswal is that of a train painted with the very colors of India's national flag viz Saffron-White and Green.  We also see the presence of the national flag of India hoisted up high. This truly brings out the feeling of patriotism and pride. The train of Independent India moving forward with the people of the country aboard gives us the sense of growing India moving forward all strong on the path of glory.


Artist Mahesh Pal Gobra has tried and ignites the thought of respecting women as in India we rank women equal to Goddesses. We treat India as our Motherland and refer it as Bharatmata. The thought of respecting women is something that must be ingrained in every child while bringing it up. While we claim it to be an integral part of our culture, this is a department that is yet to be worked upon. Its the basic mindset that needs to evolve. Though there has been some improvement we still have a long way to go.


We often denote Indian with the motherly figure. This painting by Subrata Ghosh. India or Bharatmata as we call it is not just a country but is an emotion and pride that we as Indian wear on our chest. This metaphoric representation is truly justified. Just as a mother gives life,  shelter in her womb, food and love, our country also gives us life, food, love, and shelter. We owe our existence to our biological mother and our survival to Mother India.


Expressions by Mithun Dutta | Artzolo.com

This colorful artwork by Mithun Dutta is an artistic depiction of another very ancient and important art form of India, Kathakali. It is the traditional dance form of India rooted in the southern state of India, Kerela. Kathakali is one of the eight Sangeet Natak Academi recognized official; dance forms of India. This story plays a form of dance involves colors, makeup and enormous costumes and accessories that the performer wears.



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