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Diwali Special: 12 Paintings To Bring Home This Diwali

Paintings to bring home this Diwali

Before the festival of lights illuminates the country, we have a pompous celebration of the good winning over the evil. Yes, we are talking of Diwali and Dussehra. These two Indian festivals are celebrated on a large scale across the country and from toddlers to adults, each one is seemingly excited as its time to gorge on mouth-watering delicacies, pep up the decor at home and of course with endless shopping for a new wardrobe. How about this Diwali, we dress up our home with some paintings that will add colour and light to our space all through the year? Here are 12 paintings you might want to consider buying this Diwali Season


1. The First Diwali

Artist: Parag Pendharkar

Lost in thoughts or perhaps reminiscing festive memories, the striking pose of the lady in a traditional Nauwari saree is fantastically portrayed by artist Parag Pendharkar. The lady in the picture is celebrating her first Diwali after marriage.

You can check out the painting here


2. Ashtacisha Copy

Artist: Subodh Padhye

Almost hypnotizing, the Ashtacisha Copy by artist Subodh Padhye is bright and beautiful. Depicting the importance of the 8 directions (ashtacishas) in our lives, this is a perfect painting to add a blast of colour along with a meditative aura to your home.

You can check it out here


3. Devi 34

Artist: Utara Joshi

Get home this diva of a Devi at home this Deepavali. The red bindi and sindoor accentuate the beauty of her eyes and this painting is sure to add oodles of glamour to your home decor with of course a touch of spirituality.

You can check out the painting here


4. Dhana Lakshmi Tanjore Painting 2

Artist: Myangadi Tanjore

Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity and the festival of Diwali go hand in hand. This spectacular Tanjore is handmade using 22 carat gold foil and semi precious stones making it a perfect addition to your home this festive season. It also makes for a lovely Diwali gift for someone you mean well.

You can check it out here


5. Sita Bhoomipravesh (reproduction)

Artist: Raja Ravi Verma

What better way to welcome the festive season than doing it with getting Sita home? Not literally though, in form of a painting. This charming reproduction of Ravi Verma's painting is a scene from Ramayan where Sita is going to enter Earth.

You can check it out here


6. Illuminati I

Artist: Brinda Miller

This surreal painting by Brinda Miller is colourful as well as delightful with layers and layers of colours coming out from deep within. The fierce orange, sublimed ochre and bright blue blend in together to give you a bright and beautiful painting to adorn the walls of your home this Diwali.

You can check it out here


7. Artsy Radha Krishna Canvas Wall Paintings

Reprint on canvas

Beautifully capturing the bond between Radha and Krishna, this canvas wall painting is apt to be given as a gift this festive season or used for your own personal home decor. The colour combination adds to the serenity of the entire emotion that is captured between the couple.

You can check it out here


8. Untitle 5

Artist: Shivaji Chavan

Red is the colour of prosperity and good luck... what we call as shagun in India. This simple red painting by artist Shivaji Chavan is a perfect way to add and spread the goodness of red to your home decor.

You can check it out here


9. Golden Bells

Artist: Shahed Pasha

A spectacular painting by artist Shahed Pasha, Golden Bells magically combines spirituality, hope and aspiration on one frame. The use of bells with Krishna looking down at his devotees from one of the bells displays the emotions beautifully. The colour play is perfect and adds to its brightness and optimism... just as the festival of Diwali does!

You can check it out here


10. Ektara

Artist: Nitin Marde

With a tambora as its central subject, this painting by Nitin Marde may not literally play music for your ears but it certainly is a visual delight. From a peacock feather to white and subtle pink flowers around the blended red background make the work stand out. Its sure to pep up your home decor this festive season!

You can check the painting out here


11. Lights On Bridges At Night

Fine Art Print

Diwali, the festival of lights needs to have at least one piece of art at home that reflects the same. The kandeels and electric lights are surely going to illuminate your home but let the walls have a stationary work of art that would remind you to remain bright and positive always. This wonderful framed Lights on Bridges at Night art poster with matte lamination framed with high quality wooden fibre gives a very elegant feel to it.

You can check it out here


12. Tamatina Thangka Canvas Painting

Attractive and elegant, this canvas print of the Chakra of Life is perfect to be on your main wall this Diwali. There is enough space at the borders just in case you would want to frame it.

You can check it out here



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