Bring the Divine Home: Buy Stunning Temple Paintings Online

Fill your space with serenity and spiritual beauty with our exquisite collection of temple paintings. Browse a wide range of styles and deities, from traditional Indian art to contemporary interpretations. Find the perfect piece to enhance your home altar, meditation space, or simply bring a touch of peace and inspiration into your life.
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Temple by Kudalayya Hiremath
 12x16 in / 30x40 cm
Religious oil painting titled 'Temple Bells', 46x32 inches, by artist Kamal Rao on Canvas
 46x32 in / 116x81 cm
Religious oil painting titled 'Golden Temple', 36x51 inches, by artist Kamal Rao on Canvas
 36x51 in / 91x129 cm
Figurative oil painting titled 'Woman at the Temple Step', 24x17 inches, by artist S  Elayaraja on Canvas
 24x17 in / 60x43 cm 36x25 in / 91x63 cm 48x33 in / 121x83 cm 60x42 in / 152x106 cm
Place mixed media titled 'Temple', 20x14 inches, by artist Prasanta Maiti on Paper
 20x14 in / 50x35 cm