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Fill your space with serenity and spiritual beauty with our exquisite collection of temple paintings. Browse a wide range of styles and deities, from traditional Indian art to contemporary interpretations. Find the perfect piece to enhance your home altar, meditation space, or simply bring a touch of peace and inspiration into your life.
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Temple by Kudalayya Hiremath
 12x16 in / 30x40 cm
Kailas Temple by Madan Mane |
 12x12 in / 30x30 cm
Naro Shankar Temple by Ajit Raut |
 13x16 in / 33x40 cm
Khajuraho Temple 2 by Kudalayya Hiremath |
 18x18 in / 45x45 cm
By The Temple Painting by Madhvi Parekh |
 16x24 in / 40x60 cm
Temple N The Mountains Painting by Dnyaneshwar Dhavale |
 60x36 in / 152x91 cm
Temple Bells Painting by Kamal Rao |
 46x32 in / 116x81 cm
Golden Temple Painting by Kamal Rao |
 36x51 in / 91x129 cm
Kalupur Temple Painting by Vrindavan Solanki |
 15x22 in / 38x55 cm
Tsunami In The Temple Town Painting by Amit Ambalal |
 40x63 in / 101x160 cm
Golden Temple Painting by Bijay Biswaal |
 36x48 in / 91x121 cm
Woman at the Temple Step by S Elayaraja |
 24 x17 in / 60x43 cm 36 x25 in / 91x63 cm 48 x33 in / 121x83 cm 60 x42 in / 152x106 cm

"Woman at the Temple Step"

Rs. 25,500Rs. 108,000
Temple Courtyard Painting by Bijay Biswaal |
 16x21 in / 40x53 cm
To The Temple Painting by Balaji Ubale |
 38x38 in / 96x96 cm
Dakshineswar Temple Kolkata Painting by Arunava Ray |
 8x11 in / 20x27 cm
Vitthala Temple Hampi 53 Painting by Pravin Pasare |
 15x18 in / 38x45 cm
Vitthala Temple Hampi 55 Painting by Pravin Pasare |
 18x15 in / 45x38 cm
Temples At River Painting by Rupesh Patil |
 16x12 in / 40x30 cm
The Golden Temple Painting by Arunava Ray |
 8x11 in / 20x27 cm
Temple Painting by Prasanta Maiti |
 20x14 in / 50x35 cm
Dharasur Temple Painting by Milind Bhanji |
 21x14 in / 53x35 cm
Divine Path To Temple Painting by Jitendra Divte |
 16x20 in / 40x50 cm
Light And Shade Of Kailas Temple 1 Painting by Sheetal Bawkar |
 36x48 in / 91x121 cm
Girl Sitting In The Kailas Temple Painting by Sheetal Bawkar |
 36x48 in / 91x121 cm
Colour Shades Of Kailas Temple Painting by Sheetal Bawkar |
 30x36 in / 76x91 cm
Blue Temple Painting by Trapti Porwal |
 15x12 in / 38x30 cm
Temple Bells Painting by Swastik Jawalekar |
 24x24 in / 60x60 cm