Rajesh Nayak

Rajesh Nayak is an accomplished artist known for his vibrant and expressive paintings. His artworks often depict mesmerizing landscapes, animals, and captivating portraits, showcasing his versatility and creative vision.
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Animals Digital Painting digital art titled 'Elephant', 16x11 inches, by artist Rajesh Nayak on canvas
 16x11 in / 40x27 cm 11x8 in / 27x20 cm 20x14 in / 50x35 cm 14x11 in / 35x27 cm 26x18 in / 66x45 cm 18x13 in / 45x33 cm 34x24 in / 86x60 cm 24x18 in / 60x45 cm 42x30 in / 106x76 cm 30x22 in / 76x55 cm 36x26 in / 91x66 cm 48x35 in / 121x88 cm