Pritam Deuskar

Pritam Deuskar is a Mumbai based printmaker and has been practicing from 1988. Since his first solo in 1994, he has participated in several shows throughout the country. He has also received multiple awards from Maharashtra state, Bombay art society, and Art society of India. Pritam has worked in multiple mediums within printmaking with his latest work in plate lithography. His primary subject is architecture. He deals with the subject examining the aesthetic qualities and also its interaction with the city. In that sense he has a concern for the city. Pritam has started an art gallery in Thane where...
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Untitled 2 Printmaking by Pritam Deuskar |
 25x37 in / 63x93 cm
Untitled 1 Printmaking by Pritam Deuskar |
 22x15 in / 55x38 cm
Nagla Bunder 2 Printmaking by Pritam Deuskar |
 19x37 in / 48x93 cm
Bunder Printmaking by Pritam Deuskar |
 29x20 in / 73x50 cm