Praveen Pai

An enthusiastic nature activist. A full time wild life Photographer/Cinematographer.More of my works can be checked out here. Well photography is my platform and so is cinematography. I had this taste towards photography since teenage. Probably 8th standard and I used to click around roaming with the basic point and shoot film rolled camera. Basically it’s all about my view towards life. How I see a frame and how I wish to freeze it over time and pack it to my collection. The images I click is what I see through my 3rd eye (that’s a common term all use,...
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Animals photography titled 'The Daring Stare', 11x17 inches, by artist Praveen Pai on
 11x17 in / 27x43 cm 14x21 in / 35x53 cm 12x18 in / 30x45 cm 18x27 in / 45x68 cm 16x24 in / 40x60 cm 24x36 in / 60x91 cm 20x30 in / 50x76 cm 30x45 in / 76x114 cm 36x54 in / 91x137 cm 32x48 in / 81x121 cm