Nishant Mishra

i am a M.B.B.S graduate (2015) ..from Army college of Medical Sciences , New Delhi ... A resident Of Varanasi , with a keen interest and love for art ..mainly oil on canvas ...i find myself god gifted ....and i am very proud to be doctor and an artist paintings are basically a combination of modern art concepts wit some traditional indian inputs ...and a mirror of my thought process !!
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Paperboat Painting by Nishant Mishra |
 36x36 in / 91x91 cm 11x12 in / 27x30 cm 14x14 in / 35x35 cm 14x15 in / 35x38 cm 18x18 in / 45x45 cm 18x19 in / 45x48 cm
The Lake Of Mind by Nishant Mishra |
 18 x36 in / 45x91 cm 11 x23 in / 27x58 cm 14 x29 in / 35x73 cm 12 x24 in / 30x60 cm 15 x30 in / 38x76 cm
Transition by Nishant Mishra |
 36 x24 in / 91x60 cm 15 x11 in / 38x27 cm 19 x14 in / 48x35 cm 18 x14 in / 45x35 cm
Devin Conversation Painting by Nishant Mishra |
 36x24 in / 91x60 cm
Paper Boat Painting by Nishant Mishra |
 36x36 in / 91x91 cm 12x11 in / 30x27 cm 15x14 in / 38x35 cm 14x14 in / 35x35 cm 19x18 in / 48x45 cm 18x18 in / 45x45 cm
The Society by Nishant Mishra |
 42 x48 in / 106x121 cm 15 x11 in / 38x27 cm 19 x14 in / 48x35 cm 25 x18 in / 63x45 cm 18 x14 in / 45x35 cm 24 x18 in / 60x45 cm
Ziyarat Painting by Nishant Mishra |
 28x22 in / 71x55 cm
Walk Of Difference Painting by Nishant Mishra |
 28x24 in / 71x60 cm
Farewell To Civilisation Painting by Nishant Mishra |
 38x32 in / 96x81 cm