Nayan Barman

Nayan Barman's art reflects the vibrant culture and diverse landscapes of India. His paintings capture the essence of rural life, celebrating its simplicity and beauty. With bold strokes and vivid colors, he brings scenes to life, evoking nostalgia and a deep connection to the roots of the land.
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A Small House by Nayan Barman |
 11x23 in / 27x58 cm 31x52 in / 78x132 cm
Fatman by Nayan Barman |
 11x19 in / 27x48 cm 14x24 in / 35x60 cm 15x24 in / 38x60 cm 31x52 in / 78x132 cm
Pandemic Farm 2 by Nayan Barman |
 31x52 in / 78x132 cm
Pandemic Farm by Nayan Barman |
 11x17 in / 27x43 cm 14x22 in / 35x55 cm 12x18 in / 30x45 cm 18x28 in / 45x71 cm 16x24 in / 40x60 cm 31x52 in / 78x132 cm
Panic For Pandemic by Nayan Barman |
 31x52 in / 78x132 cm
Resting In Lockdown by Nayan Barman |
 31x52 in / 78x132 cm
Social Distance by Nayan Barman |
 11x21 in / 27x53 cm 31x52 in / 78x132 cm