Mother Teresa Paintings Drawings

Mother Teresa Paintings and Drawings honor the iconic figure known for her compassion and humanitarian work. These artworks depict her selfless service, kindness, and devotion to helping others. Through vibrant colors and intricate details, they capture the essence of her legacy, inspiring viewers with her message of love and empathy.
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Mother Teresa Painting by Palash Halder |
 48x36 in / 121x91 cm
Mother Teresa Painting by Manohar Rathod |
 41x50 in / 104x127 cm
Mother Teresa 2 Drawing by Sankar Das |
 21x15 in / 53x38 cm
Mother Teresa 1 Drawing by Sankar Das |
 30x22 in / 76x55 cm
Mother Teresa Pencil Sketch Drawing by Arindam Paul |
 17x12 in / 43x30 cm