Mohan Vishwakarma

Educational Qualification: Bachelor of Science (Baraktulla University , Bhopal) Other Qualification : National Diploma of Fine Arts(Painting) Indore Certification course from IGD(Maharashtra) M.A. (Painting & Drawing) from N.G.D.C. Indore Group & Offline Exhibitions Annual Exhibitions 1996,97,98,99 at Deolalikar Kala Vithika “Ganesha” at Deolalikar kala Vithika Indore-1996, 1997, 2000 Yuva Mahotsav at Mount Abu-1997 Raza Award State Art Exhibitions in Bhopal - 2000, 2005 Raza Award State Art Exhibitions in Gwalior - 2007, 2008 M.P. Art Exhibition in Indore- 2000, 2005 Deolalikar Kala Vithika-2002, Fankar Art Gallery Indore- 2002 Kala Parishad Bhopal – 2002, Lalit Kala Academy , Ravindra Bhawan ,...
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Chakravyuh by Mohan Vishwakarma |
 48x36 in / 121x91 cm
Portrait by Mohan Vishwakarma |
 35x28 in / 88x71 cm
Rock by Mohan Vishwakarma |
 28x22 in / 71x55 cm
Supreme Power by Mohan Vishwakarma |
 34x36 in / 86x91 cm
Untitled 13 by Mohan Vishwakarma |
 28x36 in / 71x91 cm
Untitled 14 by Mohan Vishwakarma |
 28x37 in / 71x93 cm
Supernatural Bliss by Mohan Vishwakarma |
 27x31 in / 68x78 cm
Life by Mohan Vishwakarma |
 17x59 in / 43x149 cm
Anaadi by Mohan Vishwakarma |
 30x48 in / 76x121 cm