Marina Berg

Marina Berg is a contemporary artist known for her captivating abstract paintings. Her work explores the interplay of color, texture, and form, evoking a sense of emotional depth and introspection. With a unique style characterized by bold brushstrokes and vibrant hues, Berg's art invites viewers to immerse themselves in a world of dynamic expression.
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At Home Digital Art by Marina Berg |
 11x15 in / 27x38 cm 14x20 in / 35x50 cm 14x18 in / 35x45 cm

"At Home"

Rs. 2,078Rs. 3,413
Red And Purple Digital Art by Marina Berg |
 11x14 in / 27x35 cm 12x14 in / 30x35 cm 14x18 in / 35x45 cm 15x18 in / 38x45 cm 18x23 in / 45x58 cm 20x24 in / 50x60 cm

"Red And Purple"

Rs. 1,799Rs. 5,261
2 Girl Mirrcopy Digital Art by Marina Berg |
 14x11 in / 35x27 cm 17x14 in / 43x35 cm 14x12 in / 35x30 cm 22x18 in / 55x45 cm 18x15 in / 45x38 cm

"2 Girl Mirrcopy"

Rs. 1,847Rs. 4,716
Catnew 819Copy Digital Art by Marina Berg |
 11x22 in / 27x55 cm 14x28 in / 35x71 cm 18x35 in / 45x88 cm 13x24 in / 33x60 cm 24x47 in / 60x119 cm 16x30 in / 40x76 cm 19x36 in / 48x91 cm 25x48 in / 63x121 cm 28x54 in / 71x137 cm

"Catnew 819Copy"

Rs. 2,835Rs. 16,134