G Raman

Raman lives a quiet, contented life in the same Chennai house in which he lived as a child. He has now lived there for more than sixty years, his home doubling for the last four decades as his artist studio. Raman’s art has warranted him high regard and opinion as he has received twenty-nine awards, three of them international, and is collected widely. Harking back to the design of traditional Indian art, Raman is interested in the purity of line and the ornate patterns of motifs and symbols that can be used to delineate form and tone. He chooses generally...
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Untitled 8 painting by G Raman
 60x60 in / 152x152 cm
Untitled 7 painting by G Raman
 36x72 in / 91x182 cm
Untitled 6 painting by G Raman
 36x60 in / 91x152 cm
Untitled 3 painting by G Raman
 30x22 in / 76x55 cm
Untitled 5 painting by G Raman
 36x48 in / 91x121 cm
Untitled 2 painting by G Raman
 30x22 in / 76x55 cm
Untitled 1 painting by G Raman
 30x20 in / 76x50 cm