Ashok Das

Artworks entice the viewer to interact with contemporary scenes from the vantage point of an unseen onlooker. This creates a psychological ambiguity that is emphasised by strong forms and colours. "I am trying to incorporate the elements of detachment and lack of emotions in my work." My paintings show my continuing obsession with paint as substance. Each piece is built up in numerous layers, thick and thin, transparent and opaque- every layer building on the previous and informing the next. My ambition is to create memorable aesthetic experiences that are visual rather than conceptual. Sometimes i often repeat the same...
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Enlightenment Painting by Ashok Das |
 23x33 in / 58x83 cm
Enlightenment(A2B) Painting by Ashok Das |
 36x84 in / 91x213 cm
Blue Blood Drawing by Ashok Das |
 70x110 in / 177x279 cm