Amrish Malvankar

His paintings are a natural extension of his creativity which has now spilled on to the canvas. Having a natural inclination towards the fine arts he excelled in his use of colours across various medium from a very young age. What will catch your eye about his paintings are the unusual mix of colours and medium that he tends to experiment with. Water colours, Ink, oil paints, sketching and acrylic are all part of the extensive palette of expressions that he experiments with. Education: Bachelors of Architecture - Sir JJ School of Architecture - Mumbai - India Art Residency :...
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Remanat 46 Painting by Amrish Malvankar |
 36x36 in / 91x91 cm
Remnant Am05 Painting by Amrish Malvankar |
 60x24 in / 152x60 cm
Remnant Am04 Painting by Amrish Malvankar |
 60x24 in / 152x60 cm