Wall Art Ideas for Bedroom - How To Choose Paintings for Your Bedroom

Wall Art Ideas for Bedroom - How To Choose Paintings for Your Bedroom ArtZolo.com
Here is all you need to know about choosing art for your bedroom to give it that personal touch it deserves.

There is no space in the house as personal as a bedroom. It not just reflects the personality of the occupant, but stretches every bit to enhance the level of comfort desired.

Right from having the power plugs accessible to designing a bed at the right height, there has been a lot of study and understanding of human behaviour that has led to the design of dream bedrooms.

Art plays a key role in enhancing both the aesthetic and comfort level desired in a bedroom. Like for a nature lover, a painting of a never ending ocean would be soothing.

Choosing wall art for bedrooms can be a cakewalk if the occupant of the room is solo and very clear about his likes, dislikes and emotions. However, it can get very complicated if the person has complex feelings towards things.

Here are some things you must keep in mind while choosing artwork for bedrooms:


Look for positive: Bedrooms are spaces in the house where you want to be at ease, re-energise and relax. In such an environment, its best to use art that enhances your space and has a soothing and calming effect on you.

Opt for paintings that give a positive outlook towards life and reflects the good part of your personality. Look for something that puts you at ease and something that makes you feel good. 

Type of art: Most people prefer representational art in bedrooms because it represents their likes and dislikes clearly. However, abstract art inspired by a realistic subject is also a good option because it helps one to interpret it in its own way and thus have a deeper relation with it.

Sculptures work just as well, and so do photographs, especially if they are clicked by the occupant of the room or are of something he closely associates with.

Colour choice: The art needs to be in sync with the room and to achieve this, colour plays a very important role. Repeating colour from the art in the décor increases its impact in the room, so look from cues from furnishing to select the art or go the other way round.

Positioning of the art work: Its very important to centre the art at eye level to have maximum impact. So consider if you'll usually be standing or sitting in the space, and select your eye-level height accordingly.

When hanging art above a bed or sofa, keep the bottom edge of the frame 6 to 12 inches above the furniture.

Technique: Artists specialise in specific techniques and it is important that the occupant of the room relate to the technique used and is comfortable with its final result.

For example, people who like things more defined, structured and clean, may not appreciate a painting that has a smudged or jiggered effect.

Space matters:  Determine how much space you have available and search for pieces that are the right size. A rule of thumb is to have the art fill two-thirds to three-quarters of the wall.

Experts suggest that for contemporary art bigger frames are better, but if your room is small, then a big sized wall art could make it look smaller. So choose wisely.

Experiment: Your bedroom is your private sanctuary and that gives you every reason to do what you are most passionate about.

Experiment with art and styles, try a wall mural with a pop art pattern, paper art with layers, ceramic art, use repetition, break the rules and make your own statement. 

Mix it up: A mixture of paintings, photographs and sculpture collected over time and travels is a great way to add that personal touch and showcase different aspects of your personality. The idea is to display pieces that mean something to you.

Check out some art work ideal for your bedroom here

Choosing and displaying art can be a lot of fun, especially if it’s for your bedroom and means a lot to you. Here are some ideas (or tips) to add fuel to your creativity!  

Repetition: Repetition of colour is almost a must have from the painting and the décor, however, one could also consider repeating patterns from the painting to shape the furniture, or carpet or even an accessory.

Example: A painting with curves can be complemented with a curvy vase.

Art pad: If you are willing to go all out, choose a wall in your bedroom and splatter it with your creativity. Create a personal graffiti or make a digital pattern you love. If the wall is very big, its ok to repeat, in fact pop artists believe that repetition of pattern increases visual interest.

Use mirrors for a dramatized effect: Just like adding mirrors lends a volume to a room, placing mirrors skilfully can double the impact of your art work and allow it to be seen from various angles.

Personalise it: Have an heirloom that is very close to your heart? Or something you made as a child – a dress for your doll, a greeting card for your mom, or a painting that your kids made. Frame these and cherish the moments every time you see them.  

Backlighting your art work: While most experts suggesting throwing light at a 60 degree angle to the art work, its always a good idea to break the norm and do something different. Like backlighting your art work, to make it appear to be floating.

You can always add track lights or spots in case you want to further highlight the wall art.

Decorating your bedroom should be all about having fun and making that one space that makes you feel yourself. So go ahead and bring in that “you” touch to it.


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