Painting the Soul of Odisha: Colors of Devotion and Divinity

Painting the Soul of Odisha: Colors of Devotion and Divinity
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Experience Odisha's soul through its vibrant and diverse paintings. From Pattachitra to tribal art, immerse yourself in artistic expressions depicting mythical tales, religious narratives, and the soulful beauty of this enchanting state of India.


Odisha, a land known for its vibrant art and rich cultural heritage, continues to uphold its artistic traditions passed down through the centuries. Odisha's art stands apart, distinguishing it from other states in India. This is due to the influences of various ruling dynasties and the seamless fusion of different artistic styles.


Odisha's artistic expressions are a testament to its glorious past and deep-rooted customs. Because of Odisha's rich history, art enthusiasts and cultural enthusiasts have captured many famous artworks. The region's artistic legacy includes Patta Chitras, Rock Paintings, Murals, Chitra Pothi, and tribal paintings.


These diverse art forms of Odisha serve as windows to the past, revealing the artistic prowess and creativity that has flourished in the region for centuries. They are a testament to the people's resilience, who have preserved their heritage and continue to create awe-inspiring artworks that paint Odisha's soul. 

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Pattachitra, an exceptional art form exclusive to Odisha, derives its name from "patta," meaning painted cloth. This distinct style of painting involves organic vegetable dyes on cloth. It is intricately adorned with themes and motifs inspired by Hindu epics and Lord Krishna. The paintings reflect the Puri Jagannath cult and yatras. They capture the essence of these vibrant festivals and incorporate temple sculptures' magnificence. The vivid colors featured in Pattachitra breathe life into the themes, infusing them with captivating brilliance.


Bijoy Parida, an accomplished artist, has been honored with the prestigious National Award for his exemplary work in Pattachitra in Odisha. His artistic prowess and attention to detail have garnered recognition and acclaim, highlighting the mastery and creativity of this cherished tradition. The Pattachitra art form continues to be a testament to Odisha's rich cultural heritage, showcasing artistic expressions and deep-rooted traditions that have been nurtured and preserved for generations.



Follow the architectural trail in Odisha

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Rock Painting


Rock paintings in Odisha showcase a captivating form of prehistoric art, adorning rock surfaces with etchings and pictorial writings. These ancient artworks provide glimpses into early inhabitants' lives and cultural practices. Diverse themes are depicted, drawing inspiration from everyday activities like battles, dances, and hunting. Tourists from India and abroad are attracted to these skilled creations by artisans. Rock paintings can be found in rock shelters across western Odisha, with notable sites including Ushakothi, Manikmada, Yogimatha, and Gudahandi. Using natural pigments like iron oxides and copper compounds, local tribes have preserved their artistic heritage through these mesmerizing paintings.


These rock paintings serve as a timeless connection to our ancient past, inspiring awe and fascination while offering insights into our rich cultural heritage.


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Mural Painting


Odisha's mural painting has thrived since the 18th and 19th centuries, flourishing under Kalinga rulers. These mesmerizing artworks grace walls and rocks, infusing life and vividness into their surroundings. In recent times, mural painting has experienced a Renaissance, gaining renewed prominence and admiration in Odisha. The intricacy and skill displayed in these wall creations have not only captivated visitors but also played a pivotal role in bolstering tourism in the region. Consequently, the local economy has been positively influenced, benefitting the villages involved in this art form.


Odisha's mural paintings epitomize artistic brilliance and creativity. They portray a diverse range of subjects, including mythological tales, religious narratives, and historical events. The vibrant color palette employed in these artworks breathes vibrancy and depth into the compositions, captivating and engaging viewers.


These murals serve as enduring testaments to Odisha's rich cultural heritage, preserving and showcasing the artistic legacy of the past. Moreover, they contribute to the region's economic growth and cultural tourism, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in Odisha's mural painting tradition.


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Chitra-Pothi Painting

Chitra-Pothi painting, a traditional native art form of Odisha, has experienced a remarkable revival in etching on palm leaves. This ancient practice, dating back to medieval times, involves skilled artists using an iron pen to create intricate designs on delicate palm leaves. To enhance the vibrancy of these designs, organic colors are employed, breathing life into the artwork. Chitra-Pothi paintings often feature nature-oriented themes, animal motifs, and characters from renowned epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.



One notable artist who has made significant contributions to the field is Kailash Chandra Meher. He is a recipient of the National Award for his exceptional work in Chitrakathi Art from Odisha. His talent and mastery in this art form have garnered recognition and accolades.



Chitra-Pothi paintings not only showcase Odisha's artistic heritage but also serve as a medium to preserve and celebrate its cultural traditions. The delicate beauty and intricacy of these palm-leaf artworks captivate art enthusiasts. They offer a glimpse into the rich artistic legacy of the region.


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Tribal Painting


Odisha's tribal painting cultures exhibit a distinct rhythm and serve as a medium for expressing their unique beliefs and customs. Ethnic communities in Odisha create captivating artworks depicting a tribe's deities, associated rituals, animals, and flowers. These paintings offer a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage and artistic expressions of tribal communities in the region.



In the past, there were only a few artists practicing this traditional tribal art form. However, with the changing times, tribal paintings have carved out their own space within Odisha's culture and art scene. This art form has gained recognition and appreciation, not only within the local community but also among art enthusiasts and collectors.



The vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and symbolic representations found in tribal paintings of Odisha reflect the deep-rooted connection between tribal communities and their natural surroundings. These artworks serve as a visual language, preserving their traditions and providing insights into their way of life.



Odisha tribal paintings continue to evolve, incorporating various elements while retaining their essence and cultural significance. They stand as a testament to the rich diversity of artistic expressions in the region and contribute to Odisha's cultural tapestry.


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