Kitchen Wall Art : Ideas To Add Glamour To Your Kitchen

Kitchen Wall Art : Ideas To Add Glamour To Your Kitchen
If cooking is an art, isn’t it a good idea to surround the art studio called the kitchen with creativity? Here are some ideas to inspire you to add a touch of art to this humble space in the home.

Kitchens have evolved from segregated corners of a home to the core space where families interact and spend time together. Open kitchens with islands are commonly seen and it’s not an unusual sight to have children hang out in the kitchen when the mom or dad is fixing a meal, or families sitting together in the kitchen discussing their next holiday. Such an activity-filled space surely deserves a thoughtful dose of art. Here are 10 tips to add an appropriate touch of art to a kitchen:

  1. Mix it up 
    Just like you mix up several ingredients to make a fabulous meal, the right recipe to your wall art has to be a mix of things including color, texture, fun, and communication. It has to have a personal touch and must reflect the personality of the entire family and not just one person.

    Untitled 23
  2. Food inspired
    It’s always a good idea to choose artwork inspired by food for your kitchen. However, make sure it reflects the taste of each family member and is spiced with a dose of creativity. We’re thinking a chicken lounging by the beach or a kiwi dressed for work. These would make great conversation starters, won’t they?

    Untitled 24
  3. Position it right
    Kitchens are usually packed with gadgets and wall space is usually sparse. If you want to give your artwork its due, position it closer to the interaction area like the breakfast table or work island. If you have good ceiling height, it’s also an option to place art over the upper cabinets.

    happy Fruit 3 hot sell modern kitchen wall painting home decorative art picture paint on canvas
  4. Look beyond wall art
    Since a free wall is not a luxury every kitchen would have, experiment with other forms of art for your kitchen, like a sculptural light, or a ceiling installation. You can even consider adding a touch of art to your refrigerator or the breakfast table. Check out this mind-blowing kitchen island table with a fish tank as the base 

    Untitled 28
  5. Keep in mind the flames
    Delicate art that is likely to get damaged due to excessive heat or moisture should be avoided in the kitchen and instead innovative ways to add art can be considered. One can opt for ceramic art, or fabric art for instance. Wouldn’t you want to frame something like this?

    Untitled 35
  6. Create a story
    It’s a great idea to create a story with your artwork in the kitchen since it’s a place full of action. For example, a series of artwork showing how a tree grows from a seed is a good fit for a kitchen. Or a series of ceramic plates from a quarter to a full. You can even consider a piece of art that involves the kitchen utensils as the subjects and shows them engaged in human actions, say a fork and a spoon in a romantic dance.

    Untitled 36
  7. Humour and inspiration
    You can choose to add a touch of fun to the kitchen with some humorous food quotes and maybe graphics to go with them or stick to inspirational quotes – just remember to give them a foody touch. One I read somewhere said, “Life is a kitchen, put up your prettiest apron and whip up something incredible.”

    Here is another nice one:

    Untitled 37
  8. A touch of vintage
    A vintage kettle, mixer or a pan could make a great piece of art for the kitchen if presented well. If you want to stick to frames, you can even consider framing vintage recipes or food charts.
    Here is an interesting way to frame vintage spoons

    Untitled 40
  9. Make your own art corner
    How about dedicating a corner of the kitchen for art that your children create or you might want to get your hands dirty too? Also consider chalkboards where you can use moist chalks to create an interesting pattern and change it every few weeks. Pick up some tips for creating a chalkboard wall here:

    Untitled 41
  10. Landscapes
    Often kitchens don’t have large windows and thus no view. If that’s the case with the kitchen in hand, bring in some sunshine and landscape into your cooking haven with a pretty painting of a scene outside.


    Check out some fabulous artworks apt for kitchens here. And if you are confused about which way to go, you might want to take some inspiration from these celebrity kitchens we have put together for you.


Music lover’s kitchen

Singer Kelsea Ballerini’s Nashville townhouse has a huge dose of art and the kitchen isn’t spared. It’s all-white look is complimented by a stunning guitar installation above the kitchen fusing the artist’s love for food with her love for music. Check it out here.

Colour splash

American film actress Diane Keaton has taken ceramic art to another level by cladding the breakfast table cum island of her Bel Air home with colorful tiles with stunning prints. The beautiful melange of color is complemented by the arch above with an adapted quote by Robert Frost while the colorful dishes displayed above the cabinets complete the look. Check it out here.

Being personal

Cyclist Lance Armstrong has a series of framed sepia-toned family photographs complementing the Spanish Colonial style kitchen at his home in Austin, Texas designed by Roy W Materanek. A subtle way to add a personal touch to the massive kitchen. Check it out here.

Love for art

Actor Dominic West’s London residence boasts of color and energy and the kitchen is no different. Canvas art from several artists including an evocative blue-and-white 1970s canvas by David Scott hangs in his kitchen adding more character to the already colorful space. Check it out here.

Artistic window

The lack of a window near the breakfast table in the kitchen at actor Robert Pattinson’s Hollywood home is compensated by a gorgeous painting of the sea meets the sky in a large format. Check it out here.

If you have more ideas for adding an artsy touch to kitchens, write to us on and we’d be happy to publish your ideas. We love to hear from you!


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