Art for the Festivities and Auspicious Occassions

Art for the Festivities and Auspicious Occassions
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The time of the year with all the festivities and is bestowing upon us and it is the time to solemnize and make our spaces celebrative, sacred and welcoming. And what better way to do this than some art and artefacts in our homes and offices, and welcome the upcoming New Year with fervour. Below are some of the ways in which you can creatively enhance your homes and offices:

1. Artefacts:

Worshipping deities of Ganesha, Lakshmi and other Gods is the ritual followed in every household during the festivities. Brass or copper artefacts of these deities are believed to be propitious and make the space holy.


Religious handicraft titled 'Phagdi Lord Ganesha', 15x10x12 inches, by artist Brass Handicrafts on Brass


2. Paintings:

Colors add joy to any occasion and Paintings definiely are a great way to make your walls colorful and happy.

Religious mixed media painting titled 'Lord Lakshmi', 24x18 inches, by artist G Subramanian on Canvas


3. Handicrafts:

Handcrafted and beautifully decorated by the artists, handicrafts can be great gifts and embellishing items for homes or offices.

Lifestyle craft titled 'Ganesha with Peocock Wall Hanging', 14x14x2 inches, by artist E Craft on Paper

4. Acrylic Lamps:

During the time of festivities, be it Christmas or New Year, lights are a great way to ornament ones home. Reinforced Acrylic lamp can add colors and lights to your home in the smallest of niches.

Lifestyle craft titled 'Cherry Pop Lollipop Table Lamps', 11x10x10 inches, by artist Rithika Kumar on Reinforced Acrylic


5. Decorative Thalis:

Praying is a custom during many celebrations in our country and one should have an elaborate and beautiful Thali for the occasion. It always adds to the bliss of the festival.

Lifestyle craft titled 'Papier Mache Yellow Pooja Thali', 12x12x3 inches, by artist E Craft on Paper

6. Dry Fruit Boxes:

Sweets and Dry Fruits are the major and most frequented food items during Festivals and decorated boxes to store these delicacies or to even gift these boxes can be great way to make beautiful exchange of happiness.

Lifestyle craft titled 'Meenakari Dry Fruit Container', 3x10x10 inches, by artist E Craft on Metal

7. Gifting Mugs or Coasters or Books or Key Hangers:

Be it any celebration, reciprocating gifts is an innate part of the revelry. Mugs, coasters, books or key hangers, all of them with intricate patterns or designs can be a great gift and to the people of all ages.

Lifestyle craft titled 'Rickshaw Coasters', 4x4 inches, by artist Rithika Kumar on MDF Wood

8. Hand Painted Objects:

Nothing beats the authenticity of anything handpainted or hand-drawn. Hand painted objects like vases and bottles, can be another great way to either creatively decorate your home or even gift.

Pots/Vessels craft titled 'Hand Painted Nature Vase', 9x4x4 inches, by artist Akanksha Rastogi on Terracotta

9. Traditional Artworks:

Every region in the country has its special and beautiful Artworks. And while we celebrate the festivals, why not celebrate the traditional and the culture that we belong to. Many artworks like Madhubani, Gond, Tanjore, Pichhwai, etc. Can embellish our spaces with their colors and celebrations.

Animals gond traditional_art titled 'Birds Under The Tree 4', 14x10 inches, by artist Choti Gond Artist on Paper

10. Wall Hangings:

Hangings on walls like torans and clocks, also serve as one of the most common, yet most prevalent way to decorate any space. Ornamented clocks are still the most accepted and considerable gifts at any occasion.

Lifestyle craft titled 'Radha Krishna Jhoola 1', 28x17 inches, by artist Nitesh on Wrought Iron

11. Brass Lamp with Stone:

Lighting diyas is one of the most important and followed traditions of any Indian festival, and if we are celebrating them with fervour, why not have intricately decorated diyas as well. Brass lamp with stone work are extremely traditional and apt for festive events that are coming.

Religious handicraft titled 'Parrot Design Decorative Brass Showpiece', 17x6x4 inches, by artist Brass Handicrafts on Brass


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