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Kalpavriksha by Pranita Das

Religious 3d Art Painting title Kalpavriksha by artist Pranita Das

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    Pranita Das
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    91x122 cm / 36x48 inch
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Mixedmedia used in this artwork and it has 3 inch relief. A legend says Kalpavriksha is a mythological, wish-fulfilling divine tree. The ‘Kalpavriksha’, in ancient Hindu mythology, is the ‘wish fulfillment’ tree, which held the power to grant every wish of man. Its branches bore every kind of fruit and flower one wished for, and the apple of the tree was believed to have the virtue of conferring eternal life upon him that tasted it. Inspired from such mythological stories, traditions and rituals, relating to present situations and my surroundings, most often my works are stuffed handmade toys pasted on canvas which are based on issues related to own life. Such toys are also a very lively part of my childhood memories, which are grown into more complex present into a contemporary art form. My works are based on my desires, emotions and the effect of surrounding on my emotional and social understanding. I want to create the feeling of three-dimensionality and the sculptural quality of tactile experience for the otherwise two-dimensional canvas. In that sense I am in-between a painter and a sculptor

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