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The Elephant Keeps On Walking As Dogs by Pranita Das

'The Elephant Keeps On Walking As Dogs' Animals Painting by artist Pranita Das |

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Mixedmedia used in this artwork and it has 8 inch relief. In this work I have tried to depict the famous saying through my work which sometimes I feel related to my very own personal experiences. I most often use the famous texts, sayings and proverbs to express my thoughts and present state of mind. Thesad fact is that we all have to navigatate our way around the dogs in our life.Be it the external crotic ,competitors, horrible bosses or colleagues who always underd from my experiences is that we should be prepared for the yapping to increase along with our success.We cant time out the barking dogs,but we should have this power within our self to completely tune them out,by being such an elephant that keeps on walking while the dogs keeps on walking while the dogs keeps on barking.The traditional motifs and designs from Odisha handicrafts influenced my visual vocabulary, drawing connections with these while transforming them into relief forms. In particular the Odisha appliqué work and coir craft has had a lasting impression on me. Cutting, stitching and stuffing my forms with cotton, akin to handmade toys and attaching them onto painted canvas, I enjoy the experience of creating different levels.

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