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Early Dawn by Tarit Bhattacharjee

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The textural dimension, colour intensity and precise tonal variations of this physical space along with all thennatural life, psychological growth creates a vibrant space within and could create a space between the inner and outer. Line, form, colour, textures as visual tools integrate poetry, rhythm and dimensions. This work is an innovative expression towards an unknown journey.

About the artist:


Tarit Bhattacharjee is an alumni of KalaBhavan Santiniketan and a student of Prof. Somnath Hore. A working artist and an art educator, he has been regularly exhibiting his artwork in different galleries in India and on a few occassions, has exhibited his work abroad.For the last 32 years, he has been teaching art and design at The School KFI (Krishnamurti Foundation India) in Chennai. He holds art workshops and art education programs at various locations in the country. He has published two books on art through Tara publishers and Tulika publishers. He has also published his artwork in journals and newspapers.His present book is a collection of recent illustrative collages and paintings along with 2-3 lines of poetry inspired by the Haiku style. The name of the book is 'Between Dawn and Dusk'. It also has a Bengali version.

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