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About Us

Who are we?

ArtZolo is an Art marketplace that connects the art lovers with the art makers/suppliers/galleries. The subjectivity that Art possess in one's life is of tremendous value to the makers/doers/creators of the art ecosystem. With special care, we are moving towards framing that ecosystem. At ArtZolo you can explore, curate, share and collect artwork. This is your one stop shop for all your art requirements.

Why ArtZolo?

History shows us that great art has always been associated with benevolent patronage. Greatest art has been produced when the artist has been allowed to focus on his work instead of intently worrying about his finances and selling. With rapid change and development, we don't have kings and nobles, but instead we have a dynamic community connected via 'internet'. Internet has empowered individuals to express opinion and take action.

So, we at ArtZolo asked ourselves, can technology usher us into a new era of art patronage? Can we help coordinate all the functioning of the art industry on one platform? Can we build tools to allow artists to focus on making impressive art? After talking to hundreds of artists, buyers and exploring the possibilities, the answer was YES. And, that's the reason we are working day and night to build the best ecosystem for ART."

Who can be a part of ArtZolo?     

We are in the contant search for the artists whose art, imagination, vision can make peoples' eyes shine with ecstasy. Hence if you are an artist who wants to portray the perception on canvas or through any other medium, ArtZolo welcomes you.

If you are an art lover, art connoisseur/expert, art curator or a venue (e.g.: gallery, hotel, restaurant), there is a lot ArtZolo has to offer. Read our User guides to learn more

The only criteria for becoming a part of ArtZolo is to have an open mind and be willing to explore, discover and engage with the community.  

Partner with us

We are a growing organization and always open to collaboration and partnering with others in the industry. Please contact us with your name, phone number, and more information about your organization or institution.

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About Us is a website/platform that allows artists to showcase and sell their artwork to a global audience. ArtZolo features a wide variety of art styles and mediums, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, and digital art. Artworks on ArtZolo is curated by art experts. ArtZolo offers additional services such as framing, shipping, and art consultation on request. aligns with the vision of the founders to ensure that art is popular among the masses, you can read about them here.


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