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A School Must Flower

Welcome to 'A School Must Flower', a gallery of art curated by Ashvita Retail, Chennai. Nature has always been an integral part of The School, KFI an institution I am delighted to have been a part of and which in turn has left a deep impression on me.

J. Krishnamurti in a conversation with Padmaji - Padma Santhanam who started The School in 1973 - once said, 'Each school must flower on its own, as one flower is unlike another flower. It is really the feeling of doing things together and out of this comes independence - not independence first and then working together.' In the end he said, 'I hope the school will be a great success and flourish.'

The School KFI will be moving from its current location at Damodar Gardens of the Theosophical Society, Adyar to a new campus in Thazhambur in 2018. Funds are required for construction of classrooms, the library, laboratories and other physical infrastructure. "A School Must Flower" is an initiative by Ashvita Retail to help raise funds for this cause. 

All of the artworks in this gallery have been created by parents, teachers and alumni of the school who have been and continue to be, touched deeply by the school's work. The art itself represents vignettes of the school's spaces - its trees, its flowers, its many insects and birds and is imbued with the warmth, joy and quiet experienced by all who have come in contact with the school. 

As the school begins a new chapter in its history, I appeal for your generous patronage of this fundraising effort by purchasing prints of the artwork displayed in this gallery. The entire proceeds from the sale of these prints will be donated by Ashvita Retail to The School Krishnamurti Foundation India towards their efforts to relocate the school.

Ashvin Rajagopalan

Director - Ashvita 

Alumnus, The School KFI, Class of 1998

#painting #watercolour #portrait

on Paper

Soven Roy

10x14 inch




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#painting #watercolour #landscape #cityscape

on Paper

Soven Roy

11x14 inch




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