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"A picture is a poem without words". 

Real artists contend with the unknown and are possessed by the openness that makes them do that even they can't help. This quality of theirs makes them do wonders on the Canvas. These gifted gems can think, imagine and paint the stuff that can only be understood and not explained.
But to showcase the masterpieces they create is a challenge that they face. A merchant' mind and an artist's mind sometimes do not go hand in hand. But creative instinct should not be hindered by the stress of marketing the product that is the result of that instinct. Great Art is created when the artists focus on emoting their thoughts on canvas instead of juggling with the thoughts of showcasing their work.
Here is where Artzolo steps in.

We are the one stop marketplace that binds the art lovers and the art makers/suppliers/galleries. Beginner or experienced, we love to associate with the artists whose wonderful play with the color palette or the strokes of pencil fulfills our creative hunger. The art that stimulates creative thinking and attracts a diverse force is something we always embrace. We proselytize the artists who explore the beauty of personal expression. We are always striving out to collaborate with the artists who have something to say with their art.
The subjectivity that Art possesses in ones life is of tremendous value to the makers/doers/creators of the art ecosystem and we are moving towards the same.

-We are hungry for good art and not into sucking money in. We do not charge for the promotions. 
-We monthly curate the list of artist and promote them across medium without charging even a single penny. 
-We curate the sponsored shows for the artists.
-We coordinate the functioning of the art industry one one platform.


1) Email the high resolution images of your artworks along with your biodata to
2) Our screening team will review your artwork.
3) We will then revert to you within 3 weeks.
4) If selected we will onboard you as an artist.

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