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1. Once an order is placed on the Website, the Program Participant is required to courier the Work(s) of Art within 3 working days of artzolo having received the payment from the customer and the website informing the Program Participant of the same by email. All shipping/courier charges will be borne by the Program Participant. The Work(s) of Art that are unframed & unmounted should be shipped in a rolled format & in protective cylinders. For the paintings that are shipped with glass frames, utmost care should be taken while packing. The Program Participant is responsible for maintaining a high standard of packing and shipping the Work(s) of Art such that the customer receives it in undamaged condition and is satisfied by the service. The Program Participant must use only reputed courier services to deliver artworks to the Buyer. The Work(s) of Art will be delivered directly to the Buyer by the Program Participant.

2. In the event that the Program Participant no longer has the Work(s) of Art in his possession, or is unwilling to execute the sale, or has furnished wrong details about the Work(s) of Art which gets revealed post the confirmation of a sale, artzolo reserves the right to cancel the Program Participant's membership to this service. Alternately, and without prejudice to the foregoing, artzolo may, at its absolute discretion, seek to commence legal proceedings to ensure execution of the contract of sale.

3. The Buyer shall deposit the requisite payment for the purchase of the Work(s) of Art with artzolo who shall then forward the requisite payment to the Program Participant after deducting a service commission and all necessary charges/taxes to artzolo. The amount receivable by the Program Participant will be the listed price given by the Program Participant less the service commission + Service tax on service commission. The Program Participant shall forward the Work(s) of Art along with an invoice to the Buyer for the amount already deposited with artzolo.

4. Work(s) of Art received in an unsatisfactory/damaged condition by the customer may be returned to the Program Participant in an 'as is' condition. In such a case Program Participant will refund the payment to the customer and cancel the order. The cost of shipping the Work(s) of Art back to the Program Participant will be borne by the Program Participant, and will be deducted from future payments due to the Program Participant from artzolo. If a Program Participant repeatedly gets complaints of damage from the customers, artzolo may terminate the membership of the Program Participant. However, the Buyer cannot return a Work(s) of Art on the grounds that the Buyer did not like it.

5. Artzolo is not obligated to provide any prior intimation of sale to the Program Participant or have a discussion between the Program Participant and the customer because it is a click and buy model. Any Work(s) of Art posted by the Program Participant on the Website is assumed to be available with the Program Participant for sale, at the price mentioned by the Program Participant and available of being shipped in the shipping condition mentioned by the Program Participant as and when a sale takes place.

6. Placing the Work of Art(s) on the Website by the Program Participant constitutes an irrevocable acceptance of these terms and conditions by the Program Participant. Artzolo provides a platform for the sale of the Work(s) of Art to the Buyer. The Program Participant shall be informed of the sale of the Work(s) of Art by email or phone. Unless rescinded/ cancelled by artzolo within 10 working days of the buyer placing the order on account of a default of payment by the Buyer, such acceptance results in the sale of the Work(s) of Art.

7. Artzolo shall not be responsible for any charges that may be levied at any destination in India or overseas.

About Us is a website/platform that allows artists to showcase and sell their artwork to a global audience. ArtZolo features a wide variety of art styles and mediums, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, and digital art. Artworks on ArtZolo is curated by art experts. ArtZolo offers additional services such as framing, shipping, and art consultation on request. aligns with the vision of the founders to ensure that art is popular among the masses, you can read about them here.


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