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Tribal Art of Storytelling - Gond Painting Workshop

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    Gond is a decorative art form, practiced by the Gondi people of Madhya Pradesh. Gond art evolved as a ritual storytelling, where members of the community would decorate walls with their art to commemorate special occasions and bring good luck. This workshop gives you an opportunity to learn from National Award winner Ramesh Tekam, a master craftsman who is eager to part his knowledge and encourage the artist in you. Gond Art has seen a revived popularity, with its bright colours and oodles of drama that translate seamlessly on a t-shirt or even a wall decoration. Come discover a truly indigenous art, influenced by nature and wildlife and be part of the growing movement to encourage and spread traditional Indian art forms. Cost: Rs. 1499/- per person Registrations: What you get 1 A3 Paper Acrylic paints, Pens for textures and pattern, pencil, eraser The Experience Paper is the new media of storytelling for the painters. And we will start with a story by Ramesh Tekam which will inspire you to create your own story on paper. A rough pencil outline first forms the premise for the visual narratives. Next we move on to filling vibrant colours and beautiful small patterns evocative of tattoos worn by the womenfolk begin to emerge on to your art work. Tigers, deer, snakes, cattle and birds merge with each other and with contorting trees on the seemingly psychedelic representations. Seemingly so, because the songs that spoke about the vivid characters, the deities and demons, have almost been silenced and the colours try to break out of the canvas to tell the beholder what a wonder mother nature is. The workshop ends with a small chat with the artist over a cup of coffee.
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    Blue Bulb Events
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    18 High Street, Baner
    Pune Maharashtra 411007

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