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Krishna Vani: 5 Important Teachings of Lord Krishna

Krishna Vani: 5 Important Teachings of Lord Krishna


Hindu Mythology is a vast subject that envelopes profuse scripts, teachings and the tales of various Hindu divinities. One grows up listening to these tales which then subconsciously become a part of his/her memory. One such tale is that of Lord Krishna. We all have heard and read innumerable stories of him but what we often come across is his wit, intelligence, ability to handle any situation with discernment and  other qualities that we as human beings need in our daily routine. It won't be wrong to call him the God of love as he has taught us the true meaning of love. The exceptional Radha Krishna love story is exemplary. He also teaches us with many other values and lessons which if adopted can bring about peace in Humanity. These lessons (Krishna Vani) are devoid of any religious boundaries and are the basic life principles which we must internalize as humans.
Let us look know about five such principles.

Accept Mistakes:
There is one thing that most of us don't practice is accepting mistakes. Our mistakes give us another chance for improvement but what we don't focus on is realizing them and thinking about to solution or digging deep into the root cause, Rather what we tend to ponder upon is not accepting the mistake that we commit. Hence, we must realize, accept and then work towards the improvement.

Krishna Devotion by Durshit Bhaskar |

Stop the blame game:
Adverse situations best test our patience, discretion, and individuality. Some people in such situations start blaming others be it God or people around them or any other vague reason. What they should instead do is maintain their calm and work even harder to survive and emerge out victorious.

Krishna by Tapas Sarkar |

Respect Women:
We bow down before Goddesses. But the majority of us forget to do the same with the women around us. There is no point left in any kind of worship if we ill-treat the women around us. We take them for granted. We forget that the origin of a child is a woman. We must revere them and give them the place they deserve in society. The supreme power resides in the place where women get what they are worthy of, RESPECT

Lord Krishna and Radha by Anand Panchal

Anger Management:
Anger is the second name of evil. A person in anger loses his percipience. He becomes paralyzed with his acumen. Decisions taken in anger are always detrimental and often result in repentance. Hence we need to maintain our tranquility no matter what situation arrives. 

makhan Chor by Rakhi Baid |

Respect Time:
There is only one thing in this world that acts as both our best friends and our worst enemy depending upon the way we use it. Yes, TIME is it. If we employ our time with hard work and perseverance we get the results that are fruitful beyond the imagination. But if wasted it wastes us. Good time shows us the reality of the world whereas Bad time shows our reality to the world.

Radha Krishna by Amit Bhar |
If we try and imply Krishna's principles (Krishna Vani) in our lives then not only we can attain greater heights without loosing out humility, but also we can protect the dying love and humanity from Mankind.

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