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There is good news for all art lovers! presents a new form of cool, funky art, featuring designs of popular and cultural icons. Kitsch is a unique form of art, adds a new dimension to your living room decor and is inspired from an international movement of classical painters.


There are conflicting views about the origin of the term Kitsch. Some are of the opinion that it has been derived from the German word kitschen, which means to smear or the German verb verkitschen, which means to cheapen. The English claim that the word sketch has been mispronounced and the French feel that it has been borrowed from the French word chic, meaning fashionable.


The unique craft called Kitsch was founded in 1998 based on a philosophy that combined the techniques of the Masters with romanticism, narrative and emotionally charged imagery. Kitsch painters are of the opinion that Kitsch is not just an art movement but a movement that's philosophical as well.  This is because Kitsch is based on an edifice of philosophy and values that are essentially independent from art.


The Czech novelist, Milan Kundera probably summed up Kitsch best. He thought Kitsch caused two tears to flow in quick succession.

"How nice to see the children running around on the grass!" the first tear exclaimed.

"How nice to be moved, together with all mankind by children running on the grass!" the second tear stated.

Kitsch therefore, is not only about what one observes, but is also about the observer. Kitsch redirects a range of emotions from the object to the subject and creates a fantasy of emotion. Kitsch also encourages you to think!


The Kitsch offering from is ideal for art lovers who are attracted towards unique and diverse designs that add a singularity to their home decor.  Kitsch items absolutely fit the bill to suit your artistic needs and are also ideal home decor products. Not only is it affordable art but also easy to buy. You can purchase Kitsch with just a click of the mouse. Furthermore, Artzolo provides worldwide shipping, so no matter where you are, shopping for your favorite Kitsch art is never a problem. Come explore the wide range of Kitsch products from the Artzolo stable. Get kitsched by Artzolo!


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